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Re: attachments in the forum are now ... attached

by skenow on 2019/4/8 18:37:02

<p>Thanks for finding the issue and finding the fix!</p> <p>Well done!</p>
attachments in the forum are now ... attached

by fiammybe on 2019/4/2 15:38:20

<p>I noticed when looking for<a href=""> the autocomplete code</a> from some time ago, that the link went into the void. At first, I was afraid that the files didn't get migrated during one of the multiple moves we did from Inbox > Siteground > Other siteground account > unified site.</p>

<p>Nothing so dramatic: as it happens we migrated from newbb to iforum as forum module on that last account, and the files were still in the newbb upload folder.</p>

<p>I moved the files, and the links I tested worked out for now. I hope this makes finding stuff on the forum easier now.</p>