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Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

by fiammybe on 16/6/2020 8:14:18

Luckily, the sale of the .org domain was halted by ICANN, but I get your point. With all the .sale and .store and other types of TLDs (there's even a .brussels - go figure), it becomes impossible to follow.

As a matter of fact, I was hoping on someone adopting it, but there wasn't much response on the forum. I'll make some more noice on social media and the upcoming newsletter.

Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

by skenow on 15/6/2020 20:07:38

With all the new TLDs in the past few years, I don’t know how much of an impact the TLD has over the actual domain and content on that domain. We’ve also been faced with the shift in .org to another registrar and losing its original intent - non-commercial, non-profit organizations. 

Maintaining multiple sites does come with some additional overhead. It can also lend some link authority - if the domain has a history and it’s content is deemed helpful. 

If you aren’t it sure you want to hold on to it, rather than let it go, perhaps someone else would like to adopt?

Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

by fiammybe on 14/6/2020 15:23:52

that might be a good reason to renew the domain, keeping it out of harms way. The .info TLD is not that good when it comes to placement on search engines, so the impact wouldn't be that big.

I wouldn't split off the info parts for several reasons:

  • the info TLD is low on the rankings, so information on that TLD will be less easy to find
  • It makes it necessary to manage multiple sites again, a time consumer I'd like to avoid

But I could keep the domain for some future angle

Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

by skenow on 13/6/2020 9:25:48

Sometimes I hold domains just so someone else doesn't grab them and turn it into something that would negatively impact the brand.

Would moving all our information (like the wiki) to the .info site make sense, or be a benefit?

impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

by fiammybe on 7/6/2020 3:23:03

Some years ago, I registered the domain, at the time with grand ideas of running a separate site with all kinds of information around ImpressCMS. My availabilities were not what they should have been, so I haven't been able to work out a concept for a site that would be beneficial for ImpressCMS, without cannibalising this site here. 

The domain name is almost at expiration, and I'm not sure if it makes sense to renew it. If anyone has an idea and time to setup a ImpressCMS supporting site on that domain, I'm more than willing to make the domain available for that at no cost and cover the first year of renewal (and hosting, if needed).

Let me know, deadline : july 1st, 2020.