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Re: Should we offer a way to disable FLoC

by fiammybe on 13/7/2021 15:17:33

Looks like Google was taken aback by the many and strong negative comments they received. Introduction is now delayed until 2023 ( And in internet time, 2 years is an eternity.

It is a fact that the internet has become a privacy nightmare (and the ever-present cookie-banners in Europe aren't really helping, just annoying the users), but a proposal by the largest ad vendor will always be regarded with a dose of suspicion. I'm curious to see what will come next.

Re: Should we offer a way to disable FLoC

by skenow on 16/5/2021 12:43:24

A privacy concern, for sure. With GDPR and other privacy laws, I am curious how Google intends to maintain compliance.

Should we offer a way to disable FLoC

by fiammybe on 26/4/2021 3:49:02

Google will phase out third-party cookies in their Chrome browser, which is used by the majority of web users. Google is and remains a advertisement company, so they offered to put in place an alternative that they consider better for privacy, but would still give advertisers information about the current users, they call it FLoC. I won't go too much into detail here, but instead of having your profile stored on the servers of Ad providers, you create your own profile locally, and that profile can be queries with a specific API. So potentially (depending on the implementation) the browsers harvests user data from the sites you visit, independently from the services that might be used on those websites.

Backlash has started now on the internet, with several browsers saying they will not support FLoC, but also Wordpress has entered in the mix, stating that they consider FLoC a security risk, and that Wordpress will contain code that will tell the browser the do not want FLoC data : Proposal: Treat FLoC like a security concern – Make WordPress Core

ImpressCMS aims to be as secure as possible, do you think this would be an option we should have somewhere in the ACP?