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Re: Christian News

by westchesterweb on 2008/8/16 15:33:27

Ah, I see what you mean about the meta generator, Steve. I just fixed that. It was hardcoded into the theme.html file. I thought I'd gotten rid of references to xoops. I had tried xoops before, but hated it. If I had a choice between using it or a simple HTML site, HTML would win.

I wish newbbex was RSS enabled. Doesn't look like RSS fit is compatible with it either. Oh well. Not the end of the world.

Triying the d3forum module, but got some message at the bottom of module admin that said I needed to install altsys and some additions to class and some more files to my trust path, which I did. Will see how it works, but I think I'd rather leave the site as lightweight as possible.

Turned off the cache in the snxdwodp. Thanks for the warning, Tom.
Re: Christian News

by skenow on 2008/8/16 13:13:52

I didn't actually click on the Home Page link in the menu, just hovered over it and it looked like it stayed in the shop area. It also looks like you modified the header in the shop so the logo points back at the home page (the hover affect looks out of place, though)

Currently, your meta says 'XOOPS', which is why I suggested changing it to ImpressCMS - I saw some ICMS-specific css, so I am assuming it is built on ICMS.

Thanks for the backlink - I'll be adding your site to my directory, too.

I didn't realize that newbbex wasn't rss-enabled. RSS-Fit may have a plug-in that would work for it, or instant-zero may have this on their development plans.

Opening your site (or any site) to posting by visitors does have some risks, but you can manage it. You need to decide how much you are willing to trust and who you are willing to trust.
Re: Christian News

by Tom on 2008/8/16 13:12:43

Just realised you mentioned you used the snx dwodp module. Isn't that the search engine one? (I think there were two snx modules)

If so you need to be careful with this module, in the main folder there is a sub folder called 'Cache' this can fill quickly tons of files. On one install I had over 500,000 cache files in it which were generated very quickly.

This could cause a strain on your server and will waste resources.
Re: Christian News

by Will on 2008/8/16 9:53:26

Great looking site, congrats.
Re: Christian News

by westchesterweb on 2008/8/16 9:02:40

I'll add it to the news section after I fix the items that Steve pointed out. They definitely need attention. I also want to try the d3forum you mentioned.