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Re: Launch of

by Stu on 28/8/2008 10:03:20

Thx! :bravo: that "clear" fix worked as far as I can tell for FF.

Re: Launch of

by Tom on 27/8/2008 19:57:11

I always hear good things about it, but those modules are something I've never really tried. Good info to know Steve, thanks.
Re: Launch of

by skenow on 27/8/2008 19:24:20

Both Formulaire and Formulize have a very flexible configuration. Formulaire has an email field that allows you to have a single form that can be routed to several people, depending on the options selected - like this

Formulize has a VERY complete set of notification options, so you can route notices to different users, based on any entry or event for the form. You can also create subforms, have fields on the form that are only visible to specific user groups, and again, a very complete set of user permissions for form actions. You can also create views and reports for the forms and publish them to different user groups. It is my #1 choice for custom forms.
Re: Launch of

by Tom on 27/8/2008 18:02:54

Either of the ones Skenow has linked are fine modules to use for a contact form.

Liase however allows you to create custom forms and any number of them to, so it depends on your requirements.
Re: Launch of

by Commerce on 27/8/2008 17:46:27

Very attractive site indeed.