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Re: Kainai High School dev project...

by phoenyx on 2009/7/16 12:34:29

That's quite some stress test for any cpu.
Re: Kainai High School dev project...

by nachenko on 2009/7/16 2:23:54

Good work!

If the site is officially published, you should go here:

And write a note about your new site in the "They use ImpressCMS" category. A new iCMS site is good news for everyone here.
Kainai High School dev project...

by Kainaij on 2009/7/16 0:35:53


I was recently introduced by a good friend of mine to give ICMS a go, rather than, for my latest project. I do not regret that decision as I was impressed by the flexibility and the easily navigable back end.

Me and Erol spent quite some time getting it fine tuned and have just recently finished.

Take a peek!