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Re: My new personal website & other things

by david on 2010/1/22 13:25:12

Really clever
Re: My new personal website & other things

by MekDrop on 2010/1/22 8:33:19

I did! :D It's possible to view my site in different languages without knowing that other languages was translated with google translate! :)

Also, it's possible now not only translate all page but also parts in different languages. For example:


There are only two bad things: 1) translated page uses 3-10 times more SQL queries; 2) big text not always are translated correctly.

Auto-translations are made with ImControls.
Re: My new personal website & other things

by MekDrop on 2009/10/17 2:33:42

MrTheme, thank you again for your idea. However I decided to postpone this tasks until I imControls will move at least to alpha stage. Than I'll try to create special module for content translation using Google Translate or other similar services.

debianus, thank you for warm your feedback. :) I'll post my site to news and partners section when I fix there some things (I hate some icons in downloads section; imlinks die when I try to parse SankakuComplex feed; mystory module yet doesn't show yet all stories list). My new comments version you can find now at Other things I'll share later.
Re: My new personal website & other things

by debianus on 2009/10/16 5:24:34

Great site!!
First, I believe the site must be in partners section. Please submit it; too in They use ImpressCMS ! (news section). This site is too much good for announce only in forums

Impressive "about" module and imlinks customization.

I like your hacks for comments. Well, it is a matter for CSS and templates and normally themes have not code for them. We need improve comments as you have done: allow comments by anonymous with his name and comments inside the send comment form
I suppose that for 1.2 it is not possible; but, please could you give us a tips, hacks, some code..
Re: My new personal website & other things

by david on 2009/10/15 15:00:10

Really nice looking site Mekdrop! Good work!

I'll try and get some testing done on your latest code later tonight or tomorrow.