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carousel no longer working after upgrade to ImpressCMS 1.3.11

by fiammybe on 2019/1/3 22:58:40


after we upgraded the ImpressCMS site (this one) to the latest version using Softaculous, we noticed after a short while that the carousel on the front page wasn't working anymore.

looking at the HTML sourcecode, the content was still there, but for some reason it wasn't showing on the screen anymore.

We noticed an error message in the browser logs telling us that the version of jQuery was too recent. As a quick fix, I downgraded the jQuery included in ImpressCMS to the one we bundled previously (1.9.1). Further investigation by @skenow revealed that it's our theme that is slightly too old and not using the latest version of Bootstrap 3. Bootstrap 3.3.7 supports jQuery higher than 3.0.

We'll upgrade our bootstrap and possibly our carousel version in the near future, but I just wanted to let you know in case you run into the same problem. It's not a core issue, it is most likely related to the bootstrap version in your theme.