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Re: default comments, notifications and permission setting ?

by skenow on 2020/2/16 13:56:04

At this point, the default is to allow all comments if the module has comments (in icms_version.php). Probably since the base assumption is that ImpressCMS and predecessor were community sites and that would be the most common choice.

Also, all notifications defined in icms_version.php will be enabled by default.

Neither of these are reading anything from the module at the time of install.

However - you could override those options after the module is installed with the install function for the module, which is called at the very end of the process.

default comments, notifications and permission setting ?

by mulaus on 2020/2/11 16:52:31

How do i disable comments and notifications as default setting of a module preferences

and also set default permission of module when installing the module


is this possible? any example i can refer to ?