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Re: Will an RC2 be needed before 1.2 finial?

by skenow on 2009/12/3 20:01:43


skenow wrote:
Here is the post to the developers' list last night - I've been offline since then and was unable to follow-up and post here until now.


If you haven't guessed, yet, we will be going to RC2 instead of Final,
next. This is because of 2 critical issues discovered after the RC1
release. These are #838 and #842. When critical or blocker issues are found, we need to go through another RC stage.

During this stage, we will also address a few other nagging bugs - #623, #624, #723. Ticket #834 was also opened. In our move towards removing duplicate work, the idea was to remove the duplication of the installation information and make it only available online. Beginning with the next release, we will follow this practice.

Also during this phase, we can address any language constants,
documentation, UI and UX issues.

We cannot prolong this forever, though. Marc-Andre has a possible solution for the wysiwyg editor issues and has already committed changes to IPF for #723. I have already removed the documentation from the core. So, as soon as Marc-Andre commits the fixes for the wysiwyg issues, we are good to go. He has asked to be able to work on this over the weekend and will be ready for a release by Wednesday (2 December). Packages should be ready for testing on Tuesday, along with a draft for the release notice.

We are also doing this to reinforce our practices for moving through the release cycle, no matter who is managing that particular release. It will be up to the release manager to determine dates for releases after all the criteria are met for that phase. We'll spend more time on that later - the discussions on this are in the forums.

Thanks to everyone for what they've done to help make this release a reality!

We have addressed several of these issues - I am waiting for confirmation they have been fixed. I also need to have tickets 849 and 850 examined for their impact on this release. The existing content pages need to be migrated properly and the new Content module must be installed during an upgrade, or fatal errors may occur, along with a broken admin control panel. Once these are addressed and the other tickets closed, we can wrap this up!

Thanks, everyone!
Re: Will an RC2 be needed before 1.2 finial?

by debianus on 2009/12/2 13:40:54

Thanks Steve. A list of matters to check specially is very useful and make the work more easy.
Just waiting RC2 is published.
And I have some report from Spanish users about problems updating from Xoops 2.3.3 to iCMS; I will try make tests for this matter too.
Re: Will an RC2 be needed before 1.2 finial?

by skenow on 2009/12/1 20:32:15

This is a call for all users - we need thorough testing of the upgrade process with a variety of existing content, images, symlinks, preloads and top pages.

Here are some specific test cases:
* system content pages exist (the default What is ImpressCMS? is one, but what other pages/short URLs have you created)
* have a symlink for a content page
* set a content page as your top page
* have SmartProfiles in use on your site
* have several images and image categories in the system imagemanager,
* and image category where the images are stored in the database

We are waiting on a few issues to be fixed and for reports on testing of upgrades. We're getting close!
Re: Will an RC2 be needed before 1.2 finial?

by skenow on 2009/11/30 20:39:17

The release criteria have been pretty clear in all our previous releases - and we were able to compromise to include some fixes for non-critical or non-blocker issues in a RC.
Re: Will an RC2 be needed before 1.2 finial?

by david on 2009/11/30 14:55:53

With the number of small fixes (and a couple of bigger ones) it makes more sense to go to RC2.