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Re: Job Description: Release Manager

by Will on 2009/12/24 20:58:20

Don't make em wait...

Dear users,
After the holiday season is over, jolly old St Nick will be out of a job until next year. Which is the downside of seasonal work.

To remedy this, we have unanimously nominated Santa Claus to lead up development for 1.3

You can all expect fresh milk and cookies with every new release from this point on. As mandated in his roadmap.

Re: Job Description: Release Manager

by skenow on 2009/12/24 20:28:16

The board and management teams have selected a release manager for 1.3 - announcement coming soon (once we pass the Christmas holidays)
Re: Job Description: Release Manager

by fiammybe on 2009/12/7 7:01:32

In my work environment (Banking & Insurance), we have lead developers, program managers and project managers.

The program manager is responsible for the general direction, and translating that into requirements. He/She has the view over the different releases.
The project manager's responsability is to take those requirements for a specific release, and focus on getting the requirements implemented in time.
The Lead developer is tasked with translating the requirements that are decided upon by the project manager, and transforming them into technical language.

In our case, I would say the project manager position is what is done now under the heading 'release manager' (i.e. he gets things released). The program management function is more of a concensus thing, which is cool for an open source project.

At the moment, we have no separation between what will be done in the current release (release management) and how it will be done in code (lead dev).

I'm not saying that the release manager can't be a developer, but keeping track of both the 'business side' (what) and the 'technical side' (how) is quite complicated for just one person.

Splitting those up might make some areas easier to keep track of (code review, code standards). The release manager should have the ultimate decision when things clash of course.
Re: Job Description: Release Manager

by skenow on 2009/12/3 16:24:12

Marc, what role does the Lead Developer play in what you describe, and how does that position differ from this? This may need another thread, but these 2 are very closely related, so we'll start here.

Defining what the Release Manager is not responsible for is also important.
Re: Job Description: Release Manager

by phoenyx on 2009/12/3 9:38:34

Good points Marc, good points.