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Re: ImpressCMS Theme

by thomas on 2008/1/2 23:19:28

Im sorry to bring it back to the top. I wasn't thinking because it would have been better to pm someone. Sorry...
Re: ImpressCMS Theme

by thomas on 2008/1/2 21:23:55

Hey people!

I have been on here reading for a few hours. Here is my first contrib. The impresscms theme is just that impressive. Anyway I have been reading where a couple of you would like to keep this theme unique to impress. So you need to clean up this thread a little. Unless this is a private forum that you over looked on my permission.

Anyway I'll keep looking around and maybe I will find some other stuff to help you tighten up ship.
Re: ImpressCMS Theme

by davidl2 on 2007/12/23 14:15:10

Vauhan - I think it would be a good idea to include - especially as we where considering including some of its features in the core.

Can you install this tomorrow while I'm at work?

Re: ImpressCMS Theme

by Vaughan on 2007/12/23 12:05:19


I was mainly talking about block positioning which I think it's the site admin that does this. The theme is already configured so the center blocks display as the screenshot preview posted before.

smartblocks would make a useful addition to block management.

you can select which blocks appear on all pages, and you can also set which column & weight order individually for each page. so if you don't want the right column visible in 1 particular page, you can set it so some of those blocks in the right column are moved to the left column just for that page.

it's a bitch to setup correctly & to get used to it, but once it's running right, it does it's job very well. but there are a few bugs here & there and some minor annoyances which could be improved on here & there.

just thought i'd mention whilst we were on about the site design & block positions etc..
Re: ImpressCMS Theme

by davidl2 on 2007/12/23 10:00:35

Ok - i've moved some of the old feeds etc onto "dummy module" Headlines/Comments - so only the recent posts are visible on the homepage.

This is only so we can get more of an idea now...