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Re: Forum bugfix

by fiammybe on 2019/5/29 4:34:49

Thank you for the confirmation! As it happens more with bugs that don't appear al the time to everybody, it was difficult to find out where the issue was, and during the iterations where we tried to fix the bug, we weren't 100% sure that it was well and truly squashed.

Given that you consistently had the problem, and you confirm now that it no longer affects you, I'm more confident that the bug is gone.

Re: Forum bugfix

by Eyekeeper on 2019/5/20 7:53:15

I guess it's all good now :)

Re: Forum bugfix

by fiammybe on 2019/3/16 15:29:56

I tried some more fixes, because the error didn't seem to be resolved in all cases.

Re: Forum bugfix

by fiammybe on 2019/3/16 15:09:31

Visibly the fix wasn't working as I thought. It's a difficult fix because the problems isn't there the entire time

When you look at the error message, there is an error in the SQL because one of the keys in the object seems to give a totally nonexistent value. I tried to fix it now in the old Art framework, but I'm not sure if my fix is working ok. Let's test

Forum bugfix

by fiammybe on 2019/3/15 16:00:46

Hi, I did some investigation to the errors we are experiencing from time to time on the forum, and I think they are now resolved.