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Re: Plugable Ad Mangement

by marcan on 2007/12/5 20:39:51

Excellent James,

Try to bring him to work with us to include this in ImpressCMS.
Plugable Ad Mangement

by JMorris on 2007/12/5 20:34:55

I know this is a bit premature, but I'll mention it anyways because I'm currently working on it.

I'm working with the developer of on squashing any bugs and improving the XHTML rendering of the system. It's a very promising ad management system that supports the following ad formats:

* Banners/Buttons
* Global/Per Post Text Links
* Paid Posts
* Custom Ad Services
* Modular backend with "Conversation" module
* Google compliant with a nofollow option

Simon (the Dev) is very much interested in opening the development and extending the application to other platforms. He has some excellent concepts lined up for the application and I think it would be an ideal candidate to replace the outdated banner manager in the core as a "modular" replacement.

I'll have more information on this soon. For now, we're working on the latest release which will include a "conversation" module for social blogging.