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Re: new 2.0 release

by fiammybe on 2023/5/28 10:38:38

I finally rectified my server setup, I broke it removing too much from the old site running there. Felt a bit like the Procession of Echternach to get here


But now I have a https domain working and the new version looks to run like it should, I haven't found any anomalies.


Re: new 2.0 release

by skenow on 2023/5/28 10:09:49

And today ...

No problem installing on the server. :smh:

Basic tests with the new version of PHPMailer succeeded, so I'll have another PR coming.

Re: new 2.0 release

by skenow on 2023/5/27 15:13:53

Site with problems during install: PHP 7.3.25

Site without problems during install: PHP 7.4.16

I don't think that's the problem - the PHP error log shows a parse error. PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected 'https' (T_STRING) in modules/system/admin/customtag/class/customtag.php(104) : eval()'d code on line 19

Why would that even be called during installation?

Re: new 2.0 release

by skenow on 2023/5/27 14:52:04

Yes, the latest in the 1.5.x branch is what I'm working with.

Odd, I tried on another server and it worked fine. Now to figure out what the differences between servers is so we can identify what is the issue.

Let me know what happens when you try.

Re: new 2.0 release

by fiammybe on 2023/5/27 13:17:23

I'll verify. Can you confirm that I need to checkout this version : (the latest in the ImpressCMS 1.5 branch)