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Re: Standup Reports

by fiammybe on 2023/8/21 12:35:06

I'm encountering errors in PHP 8.1 with the 'count()' use in some IPF instances. I'll create tickets and see what I can come up with.

Re: Standup Reports

by skenow on 2023/8/21 7:58:32

Those updates have been applied. Now, in testing on PHP8.1, I've discovered another update is needed - HTMLPurifier. Again. I'm not sure how this was missed. It looks as though I tested it locally and never pushed the proper files to github.

Re: Standup Reports

by skenow on 2023/8/20 6:06:50

During my final tests, there were some things we needed to address before releasing.

A couple more merge requests - an update to the GA4 plugin because it used a legacy class name and has a fatal error in 2.0. And, a final fix to the image editor so the plugins work now! (crop, resize, and filter were broken when using PHP8+). The changes for the theme selector block have also been approved are are ready to merge.

Once these have been merged, we can package and release 2.0RC!

Re: Standup Reports

by fiammybe on 2023/8/4 6:33:39


  • I updated the PR for the GA4 preload. I took the one from ImpressCMS 1.4.6 for consistency.
  • I merged the approved PR for 8.1 compatibility.

I think we are ready for a 2.0 RC.


Re: Standup Reports

by skenow on 2023/7/29 16:25:37

A patch was released for GA-4 for 1.4.4 and 1.3.11, as well as a new release - 1.4.5, specifically for the GA-4 update.

Things in progress -

  • The PR for the WideImage update is still waiting for a review. The issue with the editor still persists. I don't think it's a show-stopper.
  • The PR for the GA-4 update differs from the patch released and the 1.4.5 release. I propose we use what has been released. We could
    • merge the existing PR and then modify;
    • update the existing PR and then merge;
    • withdraw the existing PR and submit a new PR with the plugin from the 1.4.5 release
  • There is a new PR to update the installer to be compliant with PHP8.1. Review has been started.

I've also been looking at the HackerOne reports and working on prioritizing those for upcoming releases.