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Re: embryonal multi-site support

by skenow on 2023/12/2 7:43:16

Keep us posted - this has been a topic that has had quite a bit of discussion and some development.

MultiX on ICMS

Zarilia + ImpressCMS = ???

I remember more things, but not sure where those discussions or development are/were

embryonal multi-site support

by fiammybe on 2023/11/29 13:29:43

I am currently hosting several basic sites that are more or less using the same ImpressCMS setup when it comes to modules. Core versions are not so frequent, but I'm using specific flavors of the content module for example where I do regular changes, and it's a chore to update all the sites, without forgetting one here and there.

so I was thinking  why not have one build that is common for all the sites, and just make the configuration different depending on the domain name that is used to reach the server? I could see some clashes with the cache that might need to be resolved, certainly if multiple sites use the same theme, off the top of my head, but I'm fairly confident that could be fixed quickly by adding the reference to the site domain.

I'll experiment and keep this thread updated.