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Re: Welcome Predator !

by Predator on 2007/12/8 13:28:46

Thanks Herko, i had no probs with you in the past ;)
Re: Welcome Predator !

by herko on 2007/12/8 10:59:31

Yup, a warm welcome from me too. Pred, I'm not managing this project, so you should feel more at home now

Re: Welcome Predator !

by incama on 2007/12/8 10:36:01

Wow,.I neglactic one day of viewing this forum and already there is more good news,.Welcome predator, I'm sure I/we will enjoy your presence/skills/views. Yep,.I'm happy;)
Re: Welcome Predator !

by skenow on 2007/12/8 8:38:34

Awesome! Welcome!
Re: Welcome Predator !

by davidl2 on 2007/12/8 8:33:29

I think some ideas discussed in the [[Draft Proposal Team]] (hey - we've got the wiki link - I may as well use it ) are good - and worth using elements of.

But that aside - I'm glad to see you here also.