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Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

by GibaPhp on 2007/12/13 2:41:48

ok, i look now and understand.
Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

by debianus on 2007/12/13 2:33:32

Hi Giba, as Marcan said


On December 5th, it was clear that a Google group was not the best place to discuss, so we needed a forum. Since everyone was already registered at and since the administrators of this site were on board with us, we decided to use a forum there. The forum was to be private for now because we needed to organize our thoughts, organize our vision, our objectives and our roadmap.
When this was to be completed, it was our objective to:

- Make a public statement on the site
- Move our forums to

We are now a few days away from this happening.

There was a hard flame war in (the thread has been removed today). If this forum would be public we would not can work quitely; but yes, we must move these forums to as quickly as we can.
Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

by GibaPhp on 2007/12/13 1:52:41

After assessing the enormous impact and hear some good people and some comments, my suggestion is that we should move these forums to another location for the as soon as possible.

I am part of the proposed reorganization of xoops project and I am also taking advantage to learn a lot and can contribute in the future to the project and my learning.

But I am not comfortable responding here in xoopsinfo if this project impressCMS will not be used in future as a legitimate product xoops.

Sorry, this is just my thinking.
Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

by skenow on 2007/12/9 8:02:13

This is important to the longevity of ImpressCMS (or any project). I agree with Herko about what we need to be focusing on at this stage - a list of tasks that need to be completed and a clear overall vision, much like we did here when pulling together at Xi.
Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

by davidl2 on 2007/12/9 6:07:42

PS: I hope no one takes offense with these ideas - they're not in concrete, but are just raised to discuss ideas.