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Re: german files in SVN?

by marcan on 2007/12/10 10:24:30

Sudhaker also developed somethig about this last year.

Sudhaker, can you give your input here ?
Re: german files in SVN?

by kurak_bu on 2007/12/10 10:10:44

There is a language tool module for xoops. Currently is doesnt handle different encodings :(
What do you think about an on-line translation system, I have to browse some ot such solutions.
Re: german files in SVN?

by davidl2 on 2007/12/10 1:11:11

Slightly off topic: I spoke with a module developer the other day, who is working on a language file generation module - which could be very useful for translators
Re: german files in SVN?

by herko on 2007/12/9 23:18:54

SVN has a big learning curve, while editing translations (language files) doesn't require one to be a developer with SVN skills. So I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

How to deal with translations is a more general issue. I'd prefer it if the language packs are provided separately, as it decreases the upload time for the files, and normally only one language is used anyway (multilang sites excluded of course, but there isn't a rock solid solution for that yet).
Also, I would prefer if a translation is checked by at least 2 people. This to improve the quality of the translation.
What are the guidelines for translations? how formal is the language, or how technical? I would love to go through the core language files to see if we can make it more user friendly, and create some language guidelines for translators.

Re: german files in SVN?

by nekro on 2007/12/9 22:05:05

I think that it could be posible to have all the language packs in sourceforge...