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Re: Protector update v3.41 and 3.5beta

by Vaughan on 2009/11/18 7:52:35

in regards to protector 3.41 and 3.5 beta.

the main differences are admin options for the various filters.


- added manipulation checker against ftp worms or silent raiders

now this new feature in 3.5

to quote gijoe


A notify system for such worms via FTP has just been implemented in Protector-3.50.

It checks mtime of XOOPS_ROOT_PATH and mtime/inode of XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/index.php

It works like a noisemaker in banks.

Though it cannot protect any manipulation of your site, you can avoid to scattering such worms from your site by the notifying mail.

Of course, the first priority must be "Keeping the client secure from such worm".

And it might be better "Watching sites by each other" than "Watching a site by myself" if we implement an observing system for servers.

it's a logging system which will only ever get proper testing in the field due it's nature of trying to log and catch these new types of ftp worms.. so my preference would be to go with the beta in this case.
Re: Protector update v3.41 and 3.5beta

by Vaughan on 2009/11/18 7:37:47

besides, the only way really to test security modules such as this, is to get them tested in a working environment. just because the module is a final version, does not mean it gives you any more protection than a newer beta version, and that it doesn't contain any bugs. security exploits are usually only ever discovered and reported when tested in the field on live sites, and if they aren't tested in the field, then you find the beta's will take a lot longer to become final, and then you can't fully guarantee they are 100% (or as we all know 100% is a myth) efficient. they have to be put through their elements.
Re: Protector update v3.41 and 3.5beta

by Vaughan on 2009/11/18 7:32:39

to be honest yep, the last 2 releases were using a beta i think.
Re: Protector update v3.41 and 3.5beta

by Will on 2009/11/18 7:29:04

didn't 3.4 JUST come out of beta as well?

Haven't we all been using a beta this whole time anyway?

I am all about 3.5
Re: Protector update v3.41 and 3.5beta

by fiammybe on 2009/11/18 5:38:33

true, but to the outside world, using a beta version in such an important area (security) might give the wrong impression.