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Re: NewBB Compatible with Impress 1.1.3

by UnderDog on 2010/2/20 11:32:45

What MrTheme means is that NewBB has been transformed into iForum and is now in its RC stage, so almost ready to release.

We just need a lot of testers for this module to be released as a final.

As far as NewBB is concerned. That function unfortunately comes from the Frameworks. I hope it's the only function from Frameworks that NewBB falls over, so it can be easily added to our functions.php and then you do not need Frameworks anymore.

I would go with the iForum though.
Will your site be released soon?
Re: NewBB Compatible with Impress 1.1.3

by Will on 2010/2/20 10:58:21
NewBB Compatible with Impress 1.1.3

by srmcatee on 2010/2/20 10:54:44


I just attempted to install this module and I am unable to list the module page. Is this module compatible with ImpressCMS? Does it still require the frameworks modification to work?

I get this error when I list the modules page when I attempt to install the module:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mod_ismoduleaction() in /home/public_html/modules/newbb/xoops_version.php on line 59

I was hoping to not have to include frameworks in my site. Not sure if that is the issue.

Thank you for any information.