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Re: Instant Zero - Dead Links

by Madfish on 6/4/2010 23:01:55

Thanks for that, news was a particular concern for me.
Re: Instant Zero - Dead Links

by skenow on 6/4/2010 19:25:39

I've uploaded a version of News that is compatible with ImpressCMS (1.63 with 1 small modification in the version file).

While we were granted the ongoing support and development of the Instant Zero modules, the last releases of all the modules broke compatibility with ImpressCMS. We will be updating the Addons site with the most recent versions that are compatible and then begin releasing updated versions.
Re: Instant Zero - Dead Links

by david on 5/4/2010 19:00:56

If no ones had chance to do this by tuesday night - i'll start this myself
Instant Zero - Dead Links

by srmcatee on 5/4/2010 18:41:12


I know the old instant-zero modules were loaded to SVN. The instant zero modules that are in the Addons section still reference the old instant-zero site.

Can the links be fixed or the correct files placed on a download server.

thank you.