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Re: Source video ?

by Will on 2010/4/14 15:38:56

This will require you to edit the template a little bit for singlevideo and add an id to the container div.

For example.

if the container div had an id of let's say "video" then you would be able to use load to pull it anywhere else you may want it.

All you need to do is add a new empty container for the video on the page you want to pull it to - let pretened you did so and labeled it "videowrap"

<script type="text/javascript"> <!--//--><![CDATA[//><!-- jQuery('#videowrap').load(" #video"); //--><!]]> </script>

Boom - instant video.

Alternatively - you can use the colorbox library to load video as well - and its actually a really nice outcome.

<a id="vid_window" href="path/to/video#videocontainer">Link</a>

jQuery("#vid_window").colorbox({width:"650px", height:"450px", iframe:true, scrolling:false});

Example: Click "View The Video"
Re: Source video ?

by Madfish on 2010/4/13 10:13:31

Have a look at the tutorial using smarty templates in a module, that should give you the idea.
Source video ?

by pelis24 on 2010/4/13 8:56:26


i wanted to ask, if it is possible to create a page where you only the <($ video.showvideo)> of singlevideo.php?

i have a html source ... and just want to leave a page where the content (<($ video.showvideo)>).

now i create a php page called embed.php and copy the contents of singlevideo.php remove him include 'header.php';
and include 'footer.php';
. but the page goes blank.