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Re: Profile Module - Bug

by phoenyx on 2010/6/23 7:17:41

Hi srmcatee,

thank you for testing the profile module. This is always highly apreciated .

In the current stable version of profile, custom fields will only show up if you DEACTIVATE the social mode. index.php will then be replaced with userinfo.php. Unfortunately index.php is not yet dynamic. It's planned as a new enhancement (you can follow the status in trac).

The thing with register.php seems to be a new bug though. I'll check into it.
Profile Module - Bug

by srmcatee on 2010/6/23 5:24:03

Hello All,

I am working closely with the profile module and I have a few bugs to report.

The only place I can get a custom field to appear is on the edit user account. I think all fields you have added and made visible should show up on the profile page generated at : /modules/profile/index.php?uid=

If you add a custom field and make it visible but not editable. It does not show up anywhere on any screen. It does show up on registration screen. However any value you enter into the field during registration is not saved.

In the above scenario if you then change the field to editable it then shows up on the 'edit account' screen. And it will save the value when you are editing the account. Once again though, it will only show up on the edit account screen.

If anyone has any sample code or a template mod I would gladly test it out and give feedback.