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Re: RSSFit module

by fiammybe on 2010/9/30 0:24:39

Thanks everyone, RSSFit is now update on the Addons site.

Steve, that's nice to know. I'll put adding that rss file on the list of things to do during the module refresh.
Re: RSSFit module

by skenow on 2010/9/29 20:19:45

I also have a copy of RSSFit, if you need one.

If you are running ImpressCMS 1.2, adding an RSS feed is rather simple - did it with SimplyWiki and an old version of News without any major difficulties (just wrestled with htmlspecialchars for some fields).

Create a new file in the root of your module and modify the following code for your module

* Generating an RSS feed
* @copyright The SmartFactory
* @license GNU General Public License (GPL)
* @since SimplyWiki 1.2
* @package SimplyWiki
* @version $Id: rss.php 19368 2010-06-08 01:08:18Z skenow $
/** Include the module's header for all pages */
include_once 'header.php';
/** Include the header for the site */
include_once ICMS_ROOT_PATH.'/header.php';

$clean_author = isset($_GET['author']) ? (int) ( $_GET['author'] ) : false;
$clean_type = isset( $_GET['type'] ) ? $_GET['type'] : false;

$module_name = $icmsModule->name();

/** Include the core rss class and create a new feed instance */
include_once ICMS_ROOT_PATH . '/class/icmsfeed.php';
$wiki_feed = new IcmsFeed();

$wiki_feed->title = $module_name . ' - ' . $icmsConfig['sitename'];
$wiki_feed->url = ICMS_URL. '/modules/' . $wikiModDir . '/';
$wiki_feed->description = $icmsConfig['slogan'];
$wiki_feed->language = _LANGCODE;
$wiki_feed->charset = _CHARSET;
$wiki_feed->category = $module_name;

/** Include the SimplyWiki class and create a new instance */
include_once 'class/wiwiRevision.class.php';
$wiki_page_handler = new WiwiRevisionHandler;

/** Establish a handler for determining the page author */
$wiki_author_handler = new XoopsMemberHandler( $xoopsDB );

$pages = $wiki_page_handler->getRevisions( $clean_author, $clean_type );

foreach($pages as $page) {
$wiki_feed->feeds[] = array (
'title' => $page->title,
'link' => str_replace('&', '&', ICMS_URL . '/modules/' . $wikiModDir . '/index.php?page=' . $page->keyword ),
'description' => htmlspecialchars(str_replace('&', '&', ICMS_URL . '/modules/' . $wikiModDir . '/index.php?page=' . $page->keyword ), ENT_QUOTES),
'pubdate' => $page->lastmodified,
'guid' => str_replace('&', '&', ICMS_URL . '/modules/' . $wikiModDir . '/index.php?page=' . $page->keyword ),
'category' => $module_name,
'author' => $wiki_author_handler->getUser( $page->creator )->uname()


Re: RSSFit module

by McDonald on 2010/9/29 6:05:16

You can get a copy from me if you want.

I am converting MyTube into a ICMS only module. With that version you don't need the RSSfit module anymore. See here for a demo.
Re: RSSFit module

by fiammybe on 2010/9/29 5:33:18

Never mind, I found the japanese version of RSSFit 1.21 at Google Code . Even the Xoops site doesn't store that module anymore.

I'll try to update the link.

David J
RSSFit module

by fiammybe on 2010/9/29 5:29:04

I'm looking for the RSSFit module. I want to add RSS feeds to myTube, and that is done using RSSFit.

The addons site points to the brandycoke site, but that site is offline.

Does anyone have a recent version of that module somewhere?