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Re: No calendar module?

by QM-B on 2012/9/9 5:29:17

There's a new event module, too. But handle carefully yet. It's still in beta, because I'd need to fix some jQuery issues for frontend submitting. All together it should do the job, just has some trouble if you're using a small scaled theme and want to add new events in frontend by selecting the time. If so, try giving a fixed height for the calendar according to the available height/width of your theme.
Event Beta 1
Re: No calendar module?

by McDonald on 2012/9/9 1:40:26

Try the attached version of eXtCal. It has been modified to work with ICMS 1.3+.
No calendar module?

by kaval on 2012/9/8 20:58:26

The modue does not exist.

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

For me to be able to use this CMS, I need to have a working calendar mdoule.