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Re: Addons... or downloads?

by Zaphod on 2008/4/6 5:10:16

"Extensions" ?? :)
Re: Addons... or downloads?

by davidl2 on 2008/4/5 8:41:29

Decision made
Re: Addons... or downloads?

by marcan on 2008/4/5 6:14:01

After much thinking about it, I think we should stick with Addons :

- Addons, or expansions, shows it extends ImpressCMS
- Downloads, sounds little dull and boring...
- The site is already all setup as addons... If we change it, then we delay the launch for a few days, likely a week
- All links pointing to addons, will need to be changed

All in all, addons vs downloads is pretty much the same, but right now, everything is setup with addons, so why change and loose more time.

I know I was in favor of downloads earlier, but everyone can change minds
Re: Addons... or downloads?

by GibaPhp on 2008/4/5 5:48:21

for section: Addons site.
For files: Download.

If i not understand correct, sorry
Re: Addons... or downloads?

by thomas on 2008/4/5 5:31:19

Sure sounds like the site is going to be a big success. I can't wait to get a look at it. I maybe a little late on this one but downloads makes the most sense to me.