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Re: Downloads site: Work needed

by UnderDog on 2009/4/20 9:35:31

ep98 posted in this thread. I've split his post into a new thread, because it's a good point he makes. Let's have a discussion about how the development of ImpressCMS is doing. Are we moving too slow?
See this thread:
Re: Downloads site: Work needed

by GibaPhp on 2008/6/1 5:51:32

Re: Downloads site: Work needed

by jegelstaff on 2008/5/29 7:36:14

Is there anything here for me to make suggestions about or help with?

Re: Downloads site: Work needed

by davidl2 on 2008/4/20 4:43:18

Thank you - that gives me a good guide to work from.

I'll add those here: [[Addons_Todo_List]]

I also need to complete several translated instructions as well - including the Dutch instructions - and adding them to the site.

the other instructions are here - mostly translated:



Re: Downloads site: Work needed

by ep98 on 2008/4/20 4:33:47

in column view
name - version - author

in detailed view

name - version -date added

author name - link to author page
mirrors (with counts) after Download now
For the mirrors
Mirror logo, main site, mirror download, count of the downloads
Be the first one to review it - Comment it
Files submitted by to be annihilated :)

Compatibility: Impress 1.0/XOOPS 2.0 or 2.2 or 2.3
Requirements: (which not mean Impress or XOOPS)
Download History: - Changelog:
Module Logo, followed by shot 1, 2,3
after hitting download, License agreement window, with checkbox and link to the license, or with the full text of the license, then after the visitor agrees - Download the file

For the categories, post above
Demo of what should look like - - left side

And about "trusted" users, doubled additions and linking should be set some rules, linking is bad, i mentioned above why, since there is already link to the author name/page, linking to the file is not needed.

Who is trusted and who is representative for the File Repository, to make updates, additions and so on

Language submit ion form have to be the same like Module submission form