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Re: [request for fix] Latest Addons

by Will on 2008/5/29 9:57:01

Sorry, seems i missed a template. Very simple fix though for anyone that has access to it. For the "By" field, i imagine it just needs to be wrapped in an if.
Re: [request for fix] Latest Addons

by jegelstaff on 2008/5/29 7:34:46

Is this still an issue? You can grab any value from Formulize using the API, although the best way to fit that in architecturally to that template or the underlying PHP file...well there's probably more than one way to do it.

Re: [request for fix] Latest Addons

by davidl2 on 2008/4/16 4:54:20

Marcan - could you ask Julian if there is any way we can fetch individual values from Formulize for use in this screen?

Then we can add additional information easily.
[request for fix] Latest Addons

by marcan on 2008/4/16 4:32:23

On the Latest Addons page, I believe there are some improvements we can make.

First the "By" seems often blank, and secondly, the template could be improved a little.

Have a look at screenshot.

Anyone can fix this ?