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Re: Managing group read permissions to facilitate content "teasing"

by Stu on 2008/8/28 6:04:12

Thanks, that is helpful!
Re: Managing group read permissions to facilitate content "teasing"

by skenow on 2008/5/28 17:55:33

SmartSection does have the ability you describe - the summary can be viewed by groups that do not have the permission to read the entire article.

I believe in ICMS v1.1 a new 'hide' tag is being added to enclose content you do not want anonymous viewers to see.
Re: Managing group read permissions to facilitate content "teasing"

by GibaPhp on 2008/5/28 14:49:35

If I understand correctly what you want, that is possible in several modules, but in general will be in blocks that this definition should be made.

For all blocks of the site you will choose the group of anonymous group of users than the normal.

But within modules really, you should choose to use only registered users. That will require users to register with the site.

See for example blocks of the forum. They can be viewed by all, even its contents. But to send a message, you must register.
In this case the forum could be viewed only by users, but the blocks of recent messages for example would be seen by all.

If I do not understand your question correctly, forgive me.

Se eu entendi corretamente o que você deseja, isto é possível em vários módulos, mas no geral será em blocos que esta definição deverá ser feita.

Para todos os blocos do site você irá escolher o grupo de anônimos além do grupo de usuários normais.

Mas dentro dos módulos realmente, você deverá optar por usar apenas usuários registrados. Isto já irá obrigar o usuários se registrar no site.

Veja por exemplo os blocos de forum. Eles podem ser visualizados por todos, até mesmo o seu conteúdo. Mas para enviar alguma mensagem, é obrigatório o registro.
Neste caso o forum poderia ser visualizado apenas por usuários, mas os blocos de mensagens recentes por exemplo seria visto por todos.

Se eu não entendi a sua pergunta corretamente, desculpe-me.
Managing group read permissions to facilitate content "teasing"

by Stu on 2008/5/28 14:25:52

I am familiar with setting group permissions at the admin/groups level for different groups as well as in different modules such as smartsection, mastop, etc. But these permssions tend to in general fully turn on or turn off permission so that if one is not a group member with permission, they will never see anything that they are not permitted to see. I would like to be able to expose content at a high level to a certain group (i.e. to anonymous users in menus, through search, etc.) but then have the low level content (i.e. that which is clicked through to) be restricted, e.g. by some "you do not have permission to access this content") to promote people becoming registered users of the site.

Is the ability to do this module specific or can it be configured somehow just within the admin/groups area?