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Re: Addons categories

by fiammybe on 23/11/2009 13:33:10

Considering themes, I think the way they solved that with Wordpress is quite nice. You can make selections of several requirements for your theme (number of columns, color scheme, with or without javascript, etc...) and then you get the results.

Something like that might come in handy once we have much more themes available. But let's think about that after 1.8
Re: Addons categories

by Will on 23/11/2009 9:23:08


Consider an end user for a moment.

Every subcategory that we create is another area in which they will need to traverse.

So Let us discuss themes

Categorization of themes is a shot in the dark at best - currently they are categorized in such categories as "Animals" which really has more to do with the designers choice in a header image than anything.

Anywho - every time we create a subcategory that is whole new paginated group of unrelated themes that a user must try and traverse to see them all - as well as the 7 other categories with pagination and the themes that didn't manage to find themselves in a category with pagination.

I stand to argue that a user would much rather come to a site - see the category "Interface" - go into the single subcategory "Themes" and see right off the bat that there are 7 pages of themes... that is all they are committed to seeing - 7 pages. Not 7 pages with an additional 6 pages while waiting for the subcategory pages to load.

Which is why I am suggesting that the themes are not put into subcategories at all.

There will be the search function - which will be working if I have to sit at my computer and recieve them all and go find them for the users - as well as the alphabetical filter, date filter, and all tthat for users who know what they are looking for.
Re: Addons categories

by fiammybe on 23/11/2009 5:31:43

Would it be possible to add an addon to several categories? For example, a module could be providing a new editor, and at the same time have functionality for content management?

Also, most systems keep themes and modules/plugins separated. People search for those two things with different expectations :modules need to describe functionality (text), themes need to show layouts (images).

It might be an idea to start thinking of taking the themes out of the addons site.
Re: Addons categories

by justanumber on 23/11/2009 5:27:31

Suggestions for more precise grouping and serach. Suggestions in (())

MrTheme wrote:
-Community ((forums & social))
-Content management ((combined group: pictures, text & blog))
-Utilities (([large group, many small] split into 2 #building and # admin utils.))

Is it really "pictural" grouping of themes the best? I would suggest...

# soft and sweet
# happy colors
# creative artistic
# modest pro style
# sharp and technical

Re: Addons categories

by debianus on 22/11/2009 13:24:43

Agree: less categories.
When I submitted a lot of modules to the addons site, the idea was: easy finding modules because sometimes was very difficult search a module and Xoops never had a decent module repository.
We need look forward now: pay special attentions for less modules but more deeply (for example: linking in addons site bug fix or improvements published in our forums)
And 1.2 compatible as main tag.