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Re: Addons: alternative site

by fiammybe on 2014/12/12 7:54:53

The addons site is now back up, in a limited capacity (a list of current packages) until we finish the new site and design with @debianus.
Re: Addons: alternative site

by david on 2014/10/29 4:45:16

Both this and the German site are very good!
Addons: alternative site

by debianus on 2014/10/29 3:34:29

Meanwhile the addons site replacement will be ready, you can get all available modules in
The site is in Spanish. In the search box you can find only modules by its name. In each module there are info about release, dependencies, screenshots (imagenes) and changelog (historial). Download is "Descargar"

About themes, all available in can be downloaded in