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Re: Archival Downloads

by fiammybe on 2011/5/26 14:50:41

Thanks for the downloads. I hope the job is turning out like you hoped!

If the non-compete agreement allows you to post with tips'n tricks about styling and such, I think many people here would be interested (myself included).
Archival Downloads

by Sublime on 2011/5/25 9:36:52

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know the state of SawRed/Sublime. Several months ago I took a job that required me to sign a non-compete agreement, which basically means I can no longer develop and release themes to the public. Since then, SawRed has become a personal blog and all the files have been removed. I just wanted to make everyone aware that my previously released themes are still available to download via GoogleCode @ :

Have a good one.