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Re: Forum Module

by UnderDog on 2010/7/18 6:14:11

nelgin, iForum is the forum module to go with.
You will probably want to convert from myBB, we need to work out a special script for that, but we can include that special script in future versions. You would just be the first person to use it
Re: Forum Module

by Tom on 2010/7/17 14:13:11

Although iForum might work you do need to keep in mind its never been released as a stable "Final" and as such the development version could change before it ever gets to final, if it does there most likely will be no upgrade path unless you spoke with a developer nicely.

Personally for production sites I feel that finals should be used as upgrade paths to the next version if one is released will be made available.

Just something to keep in mind.
Re: Forum Module

by QM-B on 2010/7/17 13:46:44

You can use iforum, which is developed by impressCMS and the trunk version works great.
Forum Module

by nelgin on 2010/7/17 13:33:41

What's the recommended forum module? It seems that impresscms is using the newbb module? That doesn't appear to be available any more.