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Re: "My Shop" won't show images

by Will on 2011/3/22 4:47:38

Did you work this out? We would be happy to assist you further if you haven't.
Re: "My Shop" won't show images

by Moklito on 2011/3/17 3:41:56

Please excuse me, I think I'm very new to this and I think I'm missing something.

I looked at the #_oledrion_products table, and the file names aren't stored there, where else should I look for the files?

Or should I first upload the file to a different module and then modifi the product?

Thank you very much!
Re: "My Shop" won't show images

by UnderDog on 2011/3/17 3:34:39

can you check if the image is in the oledrion shop database? maybe it's missing there?
if so, add it in the database and see if it shows up in your oledrion shop
"My Shop" won't show images

by Moklito on 2011/3/17 3:24:48


I have the oledrion "My Shop" module installed on my Impresscms (local installation).

I have set up a product, but if I try to attach it a picture, it wont load. I've changed folders permissions, and in a further look I realized that the file name isn't even stored on the #_oledrion_products table.

What can I be doing wrong?

Thank you very much!