Happy Thanksgiving, 2020!

This year has been challenging, to say the least. People all around the world are having their predictable lives become very unpredictable. Things change every day. Health care systems and workers are being stretched thin to provide care to a growing number of people. Families are being isolated and separated.

In the past year, we've released 1.4.0 and 1.4.1, along with 1.3.12 and 3 more test releases of 2.0.

Thank you all! Stay safe!

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New installation page for ImpressCMS v2


I started an installation page for ImpressCMS v2 to help you out if you want to test the current v2.0 alpha builds. I received feedback that the installation is not that clear, so here is a page that should help out. Feel free to add/adapt where needed : Installing ImpressCMS 2 - Wiki : ImpressCMS

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Re: Can't access "Edit Users" (And other functionality)

could it be that the file is too large? I admit that 100K is small

Re: Can't access "Edit Users" (And other functionality)

I upload the image on : https://github.com/ImpressCMS/impresscms/issues/807 (I can't upload the file here..)

Re: Can't access "Edit Users" (And other functionality)


ImpressCMS definitely has multiple editors at its disposal. They can be configured in the 'General Settings' page, more info in the wiki here.

We currently have CKEditor, TinyMCE and an old-skool simple text editor available. At the moment, new editors need to be installed manually on your site, but a PR on Github is waiting for ImpressCMS 2.0 to manage the editors just like the modules and the translations, using Composer.

I can confirm the issues that you have found. I already filed a bug report for the editor administration page, in fact.

When you talk about a database error, do you mean the one on the user page, or is it another one?

Can't access "Edit Users" (And other functionality)


Composer version 1.10.17 2020-10-30 22:31:58

PHP 7.4.11 (cli) (built: Sep 29 2020 13:18:06) ( ZTS Visual C++ 2017 x64 )

After successful installation I can't access different functionality,different editors?(I am not sure if impressCMS have a editor). I also receive a database error message.

For functionality that I can't access (see images)

no editors ? :


Re: Error while installing

Great, thanks for confirming that the issue was fixed on your side as well. No problem with slow replies, normal life has its necessities too

I can not even spend a fraction of the time I would like to on ImpressCMS, I sympathize.

Re: Reporting issues


yes, we are using the h1 platform, and as of a few minutes ago, we are a public project at https://hackerone.com/impresscms

Feel free to post any security related issues there so we can monitor them more easily.

Re: Reporting issues

Final question : Are you using h1 platform? Can I get invite (I plan to test this now after successful installation)

Re: Error while installing

I can login now and the error before is already fix. 

Re: Error while installing

Apologize for late reply, I will test this now and I will update you

Re: Error while installing

Hi, I checked on multiple instances and the problem is now gone. The Pull Request is now integrated in the master branch. I plan on doing a new alpha by the end of the week.

Re: Error while installing

There is a possible fix for this, could you test it out on your setup as well? I'll check it on mine before approving the Pull Request, but 2 checks is better than 1


Re: Error while installing

Hi, I was able to verify on both PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4, both with and without a database prefix. It's a bug I created an issue on github.

Re: Error while installing

Hi ! I try it for this time I remove the modification on the code but still it render the error message, If I try to apply again the modification the error message will disappear but still I can't use it..

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png  error_3.png (98.68 KB)
3342__94125f90c621545cf.png 1907X930 px

Re: Error while installing

Hi, I see you are trying to connect to the database at, and the mysql server is on 'localhost'. I know those are equivalent in practice, but I've had issues before with MySQL that it treats them as 2 different things (in fact they are not the same). can you change -> localhost in your .env file and let me know if that solves the problem?

Error while installing

Hi ! I try to install ImpressCMS 2.0.0 Alpha but I can't run it.  I even try to directly indicate the username,password on Database provider however it just remove the error message and the functionality still can't be use.

php version : PHP 7.4.11

OS : Windows


(5th time installation)


- clone the repo https://github.com/ImpressCMS/impresscms.git

- run composer install 

- create a .env file (empty file)

- create database named impresscms

- go to /htdocs where it redirect to installation page

- setup database connection (default username and password on xampp) and I also select PDO Mysql

- I add the database name (impresscms) and change the prefix to empty

- setup account

- insert data to database (I get this message : All done. Took 5.5023s)

- install module (Message : Module System updated successfully.)


Now it seems the installation complete I go to impresscms/htdocs and it render the error message


Clicking multiple times a functionality return this (check image)

Now I solve this via modifying the code (check image)


After doing that the error for mysql will not appear anymore but still I can't use the login and the not found message still here..


Regards :)

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Re: Reporting issues


you are correct, and I figured we would have broken the threshold to become a public project by now. It's something we don't have much power over, we need to have bug reports by invited hackers on Hackerone, and until now only a few reports have been coming in (and have been handled of course )

When it comes to security issues, please notify us on the security issues form. That way we can make sure the issue gets fixed before it is published online.

I'll update the SECURITY.md on github as well, thanks for letting me know!

Reporting issues

Hi ! I want to report an issue however on the SECURITY.md on Github mentions to report it on Hackerone but it seems to be private. 

Should I post the bug on Github instead?



Re: Chromium login issue fixed

Given the change, I don't think that's likely. We adapted the login page template to give another variable as redirect address, nothing more.