Re: is there a current gallery module?

I hacked my page the same way

Rendering of the page was the same, I could only choose more than one item. But when I uploaded the items only the first one was shown by the component, so that needed more work. That was going to be the next step, after I could get a clean way of adding the extra 'multiple' parameter to the control.

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Re: is there a current gallery module?

With that change, how the field render on the page? What attributes did it have?

When I used the developer mode in my browser, I edited the HTML and added the attribute to the field. When I clicked on the Browse button to select a file, it allowed me to select more than one. Without that change, it did not. 

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Re: is there a current gallery module?

That seems like a good way to proceed. I had a look at the library file, and came up with this to try to add the multiple keyword to the control, but nothing changed :

$this->setControl('promoimage4', array('name' => 'image', 'extra' => 'multiple'));

Re: is there a current gallery module?

As for multiple file uploads, looking at modules/system/admin/images/main.php, function imanager_addfile() looks like it is set to handle multiple files. The change to make to the submission form is rather simple. The input field needs to have the 'multiple' attribute set.

Re: is there a current gallery module?

Visitors uploading photos is not really required at the moment, so it would be content editors that would be taking care of that.

The resize feature is nice technically, but we're talking about a visitor population of 400-500 in total, so I don't think we should lose ourselves in cache strategies here

Re: is there a current gallery module?

Some more questions:

Will general visitors be uploading photos?
Do you want people to interact with the photos? Add comments, like/share?
Any privacy concerns? Only registered members can view, or members of a specific group?
What other content is there with the event? Any way to add attachments, like here in the forums?

xcGallery covers most of these, but in the module, not as connected to another module. The multiple file upload is a form with multiple fields for uploading, not a drag and drop or multiple select option.

What I like about what I see in Catalogue is the resize feature - change the settings of the module to display images in a different size and the custom smarty plugin handles resizing and creating cached versions of the images. I;m not sure how images can be grouped into albums or sets.

Re: Standup Reports

The editor integration is a bit messy, with in my view lots of times whee configuration is rebuilt and overwritten later in the loop. It's not as easy as I had hoped, so please bear with me as I try to make sense of it all ...

I first tried to update the CKEditor version to v5, which is the current, supported, one. That version is not backward compatible with previous versions, which means that the entire integration would need to be rewritten. The javascript functions in the CKEDITOR object that replace a textarea on the page no longer exist, so I am now greeted with a nice, empty editor space That's something for later, after I get the v4 integration correct again.

Re: is there a current gallery module?

I hadn't identified the filenames as a requirement. However, it needs to be as easy as possible to use, and there shouldn't be a limit to the number of photos to associate to an event. The people that will be taking care of handling the day-to-day content are not necessarily tech-savvy people, so it should be facebook/Instagram/pinterest level of ease of use

If ImpressCMS would have that ability, I would have chosen to have a multi-upload field or a drop-zone to upload photos and that would be it. Sadly, that control doesn't exist (yet) so going for a link with a gallery module seems to be a shortcut worth making.

Re: Happy 2024

It was a quiet evening at home for us - the best party ever!

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to what's coming and seeing what more we can make happen.

Re: is there a current gallery module?

What other requirements do you have? The last time I was making the decision, I had several - the biggest was the resulting filename after uploading photos. Photos get indexed by search engines, too, and having a readable filename is a factor in identifying the contents of the photo. I also wanted the images in the gallery to be easily selected from the WYSIWYG image selector. At the time, only xcGallery met those requirements. I still use it, but only in versions < 1.4. I'm in the process of updating it and evaluating other modules that might take its place. Simon's Catalog module is one I'm looking at. It will need some work to meet the filename requirement.

is there a current gallery module?

I want to extend the events module with a link to photo's taken during past events. What is the best gallery module at the moment that is still compatible with impresscms?

Happy 2024

Happy 2024! By now everyone should be recovering from the effects of the New Year's eve parties

Re: for PHP8.2

As far as I could test, PHP 8.2 support should be quite far along. The biggest problem will be the modules I think.

Re: for PHP8.2

OK, I will try.

Re: for PHP8.2

If you get a chance, Tac, please test the upcoming release on PHP8.2 and let us know what you find.

Re: Standup Reports

For CKeditor - config.js is part of the standard package from the developers (we've run into this with things we've done with Smarty, too). What's in there could be moved to formCkeditor.php

Re: for PHP8.2

Thank you, Tac!

We have PHP8 compatibility in the coming release of 2.0, which is really just days away, once we finish a few things and get through the holidays.

for PHP8.2

Hello from Japan.


Thank you always for the version upgrades and maintenance.

Now, I wanted to upgrade my WebServer's PHP from 7.4 to 8.2, but ImpressCMS was not compatible with PHP 8.2, so I did some trial and error and managed to install and manage it with PHP 8.2.

As for the modules, I am gradually making adjustments to the modules I use (Japanese version). I hope this is helpful. Please download from here.


Re: Standup Reports

current score : 2 down, 1 to go (the new theme is a bit too ambitious before the end of the year). I'm looking in the CKEditor stuff now, might even just go for an update to CKEditor 5 if I can get that to run in a reasonable timeframe (next 2 days)

Re: imTagging module - do tags work?

I've been looking at this and finding there are a couple more things to finish -

  1. Blocks are defined in icms_version.php, but the files are not present (tag_recent.php and tag_by_month.php)
  2. Category blocks - I'd like to have an index of categories block, since categories are what's available to use