Re: Error while installing

Hi, I was able to verify on both PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4, both with and without a database prefix. It's a bug I created an issue on github.

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Re: Error while installing

Hi ! I try it for this time I remove the modification on the code but still it render the error message, If I try to apply again the modification the error message will disappear but still I can't use it..

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Re: Error while installing

Hi, I see you are trying to connect to the database at, and the mysql server is on 'localhost'. I know those are equivalent in practice, but I've had issues before with MySQL that it treats them as 2 different things (in fact they are not the same). can you change -> localhost in your .env file and let me know if that solves the problem?

Error while installing

Hi ! I try to install ImpressCMS 2.0.0 Alpha but I can't run it.  I even try to directly indicate the username,password on Database provider however it just remove the error message and the functionality still can't be use.

php version : PHP 7.4.11

OS : Windows


(5th time installation)


- clone the repo

- run composer install 

- create a .env file (empty file)

- create database named impresscms

- go to /htdocs where it redirect to installation page

- setup database connection (default username and password on xampp) and I also select PDO Mysql

- I add the database name (impresscms) and change the prefix to empty

- setup account

- insert data to database (I get this message : All done. Took 5.5023s)

- install module (Message : Module System updated successfully.)


Now it seems the installation complete I go to impresscms/htdocs and it render the error message


Clicking multiple times a functionality return this (check image)

Now I solve this via modifying the code (check image)


After doing that the error for mysql will not appear anymore but still I can't use the login and the not found message still here..


Regards :)

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Re: Reporting issues


you are correct, and I figured we would have broken the threshold to become a public project by now. It's something we don't have much power over, we need to have bug reports by invited hackers on Hackerone, and until now only a few reports have been coming in (and have been handled of course )

When it comes to security issues, please notify us on the security issues form. That way we can make sure the issue gets fixed before it is published online.

I'll update the on github as well, thanks for letting me know!

Reporting issues

Hi ! I want to report an issue however on the on Github mentions to report it on Hackerone but it seems to be private. 

Should I post the bug on Github instead?



Re: Chromium login issue fixed

Given the change, I don't think that's likely. We adapted the login page template to give another variable as redirect address, nothing more.

Re: Chromium login issue fixed

Could it have caused passwords to be expired? I had to reset mine to get logged in.

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Profile module 2.3 rc for PHP7.3

I just finished making the necessary changes in the profile module to make it run under PHP 7.3.

The profile module offers an extended user management profile, with the ability to add custom forms to the user profile, have a registration workflow in multiple steps, and allow social interactions between users in groups called 'tribes'.

I would like to merge this version into the ImpressCMS core 1.4.1 distribution in a few days, so please test and let me know if you encounter any issues.


Re: Chromium login issue fixed

I spoke too soon earlier, because the fix I proposed did not work in every case (thanks @Mekdrop for investigating). The new fix is ok and is in the newly-released ImpressCMS 1.4.1 beta. Give it a spint and let me know if it works as expected!

iForum v2.1 beta released

It took me longer than expected to start working on it, but I finally did so. And the cleanup was easier than I would have thought : after just a few hours I can say that I have a beta release for iForum available that runs ImpressCMS 1.4 under PHP 7.2. If you are interested to test, the github release is here : 

I haven't touched the workings as of yet (I plan on doing that in iForum v3), simply ushered in a new era of PHP. Let me know if you find bugs on the Github issue tracker

Chromium login issue fixed

Hi, when you logged into the sites using a chromium-based browser (Chrome, new Edge, Brave, Opera, ...) , the redirection to a logged-in page wasn't working as it should have, and you got presented a nice, clean, but utterly white page

I fixed issue #100 a few minutes ago, and backported the fix directly on this site to improve your login experience.

Re: A project I've been putting off - ICMS 1.2.x to 1.3.x

iForum 2 is not compatible with PHP7, on top of that. I'm not sure if it is a worthwile time investment to try to patch iForum 2, given that it uses the Art framework instead of IPF. Potentially, many issues will also be in Art.

I want to re-do iForum in IPF, but that would be iForum 3, and would be PHP7 compatible

Re: A project I've been putting off - ICMS 1.2.x to 1.3.x

More results - iForum 1.0 Final also requires ImpressCMS 1.3+, while iForum 1.0 RC does not.

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Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

Luckily, the sale of the .org domain was halted by ICANN, but I get your point. With all the .sale and .store and other types of TLDs (there's even a .brussels - go figure), it becomes impossible to follow.

As a matter of fact, I was hoping on someone adopting it, but there wasn't much response on the forum. I'll make some more noice on social media and the upcoming newsletter.

Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

With all the new TLDs in the past few years, I don’t know how much of an impact the TLD has over the actual domain and content on that domain. We’ve also been faced with the shift in .org to another registrar and losing its original intent - non-commercial, non-profit organizations. 

Maintaining multiple sites does come with some additional overhead. It can also lend some link authority - if the domain has a history and it’s content is deemed helpful. 

If you aren’t it sure you want to hold on to it, rather than let it go, perhaps someone else would like to adopt?

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Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

that might be a good reason to renew the domain, keeping it out of harms way. The .info TLD is not that good when it comes to placement on search engines, so the impact wouldn't be that big.

I wouldn't split off the info parts for several reasons:

  • the info TLD is low on the rankings, so information on that TLD will be less easy to find
  • It makes it necessary to manage multiple sites again, a time consumer I'd like to avoid

But I could keep the domain for some future angle

Re: impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

Sometimes I hold domains just so someone else doesn't grab them and turn it into something that would negatively impact the brand.

Would moving all our information (like the wiki) to the .info site make sense, or be a benefit?

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Broken downloads


I am aware that many of the links to the downloads are broken. I'm in the process of fixing them all, and updating the information to the latest version. I'll keep you posted on the progress

impresscms info domain - keep or let go?

Some years ago, I registered the domain, at the time with grand ideas of running a separate site with all kinds of information around ImpressCMS. My availabilities were not what they should have been, so I haven't been able to work out a concept for a site that would be beneficial for ImpressCMS, without cannibalising this site here. 

The domain name is almost at expiration, and I'm not sure if it makes sense to renew it. If anyone has an idea and time to setup a ImpressCMS supporting site on that domain, I'm more than willing to make the domain available for that at no cost and cover the first year of renewal (and hosting, if needed).

Let me know, deadline : july 1st, 2020.