Re: new 2.0 release

In doing some more testing (updating PHPMailer to a PHP7/8-compliant version), I'm running into issues installing on https. Could someone else test and confirm?

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Re: Standup Reports

Doing some testing before merging in changes and packaging everything up. Found something that needs to be addressed - a function call to a function that has been removed (icms_float). I should have something by the end of the day.

Once I can validate a fresh install, I'll check an upgrade before releasing.

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Re: Moving on from Google Universal Analytics

I've reviewed the PR - could someone else have a look at it, too?

Re: Standup Reports

Remember when we were hosting our repositories on Assembla? They had a feature for standup reports, and I added recurring events to my calendar to update my standup reports twice a week - Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Those reminders still come up. So - I will use those reminders to trigger updates for what I'm working on.

David also has a thread for what he's working on - we focus on different things, all of them are to keep some momentum going for ImpressCMS.

There's something I want to emphasize - the minimum PHP requirement for the upcoming 2.0 has been lowered to PHP 7.4. That does not mean it will not work on PHP 8. It just means we will not be introducing anything in this release that requires PHP 8 to function. I work with that in mind.

Because I do support sites with a variety of requirements, I do test a wide variety of actions and methods. So, the requirements have been expanded for functions provided and governed by the core, regardless of PHP version.  

I will be looking to have my  pending changes merged to the release branch by Wednesday, and adding an update for some external libraries (PHPMailer among them). Support for Google Analytics 4 will also be part of this release.

Onward and Upward!

Re: Working on ImpressCMS - micro-blog

Thank you, David! I'm looking forward to some new themes - it's not an area I'm very gifted in. I've learned that if we cannot meet our family needs, we aren't going to be of much value anywhere else, either. Take care!

Re: Working on ImpressCMS - micro-blog

I have been very quiet these last months on the ImpressCMS side of things. 

@skenow has taken over the release of the newly-minted 2.0, as he has most requirements for supporting legacy sites and sites coming from old versions of ImpressCMS. It sometimes looks like lowering the version requirement from PHP 7.4 has opened up quite a few issues, which means the 2.0 release is advancing slower than I had anticipated when it was still called 1.5.


Personally I took a break from the development side of things these last few months. A heavily charged family calender reduced my available time to such an extent that I couldn't spend a minimum amount of development time per week required to see any significant progress, so I changed my focus to working on some base themes for ImpressCMS.


I am currently working on basic start themes based on both Bootstrap 5 and Bulma, 2 design frameworks that I have been using elsewhere. The idea is to have a base theme ready as soon as possible, in order to redevelop the standard ImpressCMS theme based on the bootstrap5 base theme. 

Working with themes requires smaller chunks of available time to come up with something, so it is more motivating for me to work on that currently.


I'm now working out the different templates for multiple pages in the standard CMS setup. The goal is to have templates for as many modules as possible


Standup Reports

As @fiammybe started in this thread, it's time for me to be transparent, accountable, and contribute more to the momentum of ImpressCMS than I have in recent times. This is my commitment to getting stuff done.

David (@fiammybe) and Raimondas (@MekDrop) have been the key contributors to maintaining our current releases and shaping our new major revamp of the core - and I want to thank them for stepping into this and getting a lot of the groundwork completed.

I can't speak for them, or even for you - only myself. I don't just do this for myself, though - it was always done to help the community of users. I have clients that depend on me to provide a solid website for them. However, they are not my primary source of income, so I divide my time.

I can't always control outcomes, but I do have a lot of influence over inputs and actions.

  • What did I say I would do?
  • What did I do?
  • If I didn't meet my objectives, what adjustments are needed and what resources are needed?
  • If I did meet my objectives, what is next?

Here's my first list of actions I will take:

  1. Post here (at least) weekly - what I propose doing in the coming week, what I did do the previous week, and what obstacles I face.
  2. Post when pull requests are ready and request reviews before merging. Code review is critical for us to maintain functionality and uphold security and performance practices of ImpressCMS.
  3. Maintain a list of deliverables for the coming release
  4. Outline steps necessary for an administrator to prepare their sites for the changes in the coming release.
  5. Outline what is required of a module to be compatible with the coming release - some changes have been already shared through the Developer Dashboard under Deprecated, others will be identified because of changes necessary to run under PHP7 and PHP8.

As I mentioned above, I don't just do this for myself. I do have motivations to do this, regardless. Having feedback is definitely going to help me stay focused and provide some energy to get things done. Less feedback and participation will probably mean that it will only take a bit longer, that's all.

Thanks to all who have participated and contributed to getting ImpressCMS this far!

Re: new 2.0 release

There's still more before we're clear - need to adjust icms/ipf/About.php

Re: new 2.0 release

I just installed Madfish's News module to test based on this thread and found another spot in the core to adjust. I've committed the fix and it's in my pull request.

Re: new 2.0 release

There are quite a few more occurrences of $icmsModule throughout the core. In some cases, it is also being assigned, so it is a  valid use. Rather than go though all 240 instances, I'm focusing on the results I get with some key functions and modules.

As of this point, I have tested these modules with the upcoming New 2.0 release

  • imBlogging - minor updates necessary. Already committed to my repo
  • imTagging - minor updates necessary. Already committed to my repo
  • Content - working, once core data types handing was addressed
  • iForum - not working. Needs a bit of an overhaul to deal with $icmsModule changes
  • Profile - not working. Needs a bit of an overhaul to deal with $icmsModule changes
  • Simplywiki - 2.0.0 RC does work (I just need to finish up the release - it's been out for a long time)

Most of what remains is going to have to be done in the modules.

PHPMailer is going to need an update, which I've got staged locally and doing  a basic test before committing. I'll put that in another PR.

Here is the main pull request - - and my working branch -


Re: Core rating feature?

Well, something to add to another release - finish this feature. For now, I'm not going to worry if it works in the new release, as it has nothing. Maybe we should add something to the page that it is under development and provide a landing page for feature discussion and development.

BTW - the Preview function does not work here. The page reloads, the editor area is empty, and there is no preview.

Re: Core rating feature?

That is correct, it never got finished and as a result has never been used. I proposed a few years ago to remove it from the core until we had a working solution, but I got some resistance to that idea.

The description from Tom is more or less what I would expect it to do in its basic form : you have a calculated value that is updated each time someone votes, and that value is the one that is retrieved at display time. Each user should have a list in his user profile with all the votes that he cast. Perhaps it would be a useful feature to let admins determine if votes can be changed once cast, or even removed. A rating type would be interesting to have : for example when rating a module, you can define that there are multiple ratings that you want to capture : ease of installation, feature set, compatibility with existing modules, ... That means that you need to be able to link the vote to an object, and also define for this type of object which categories of votes can be cast.

A good place to integrate this would be the downloads module (which has other issues), there the voting

Re: Core rating feature?

Going through the upcoming release and making sure everything still works - it looks like we never finished this. The wiki page has moved - it's now at

If anyone has an example of this and how it was intended to be used, that would be great! It came from SmartObject

Re: new 2.0 release

the removal of the $icmsModule variable was part of the cleanups that were marked as 'to remove in 1.4' I remember. The fix for the modules should be to use icms::$module if I'm not mistaken.

Re: new 2.0 release

The global variable that was coming up empty was $impresscms (and sometime $icmsModule). I'm not sure where the disconnect occurred. It may have been assigned an old variable somewhere. Better to figure it out now.

Re: new 2.0 release

It is true that I did some major cleaning up of supposedly no-longer used attributes and functions in the core. Normally tests should have shown regressions, but no manual test is faultless I'm afraid.

The missing global is strange, I didn't change anything concerning that, as far as I know the content module did work during my latest tests.

Re: new 2.0 release

Found the sorting issue - a global was no longer available and needed to be replaced with icms:: static object. Discovered it as I was testing with the Content module - the admin page for it would not load after installing.

Re: new 2.0 release

Some additional findings that are not add-in library specific: sorting tables by clicking on the header link in a column is not working for custom tags, ratings, symlinks (pages), block positions, blocks, mimetypes, autotasks, and userranks. I verified these are working in 1.4.4. Trying to track it down now. I'm suspecting something with the IPF table class or filtering in the admin panel. What's missing in all of the links is "fct=" and the object name.

Re: new 2.0 release

Currently working through some of the PHP7+ errors and requirements and removing some things that aren't used, at least in a new install (msyql support during install, for example). I've been testing with PHP7.0 to start with.

Just navigating through the administration panel, the version checker does not work on PHP7.0. The version of SimplePie (1.8) now in this release requires PHP7.2. SimplePie 1.7 will run on PHP7.0 and will also run on PHP8