Re: is there a current gallery module?

What other requirements do you have? The last time I was making the decision, I had several - the biggest was the resulting filename after uploading photos. Photos get indexed by search engines, too, and having a readable filename is a factor in identifying the contents of the photo. I also wanted the images in the gallery to be easily selected from the WYSIWYG image selector. At the time, only xcGallery met those requirements. I still use it, but only in versions < 1.4. I'm in the process of updating it and evaluating other modules that might take its place. Simon's Catalog module is one I'm looking at. It will need some work to meet the filename requirement.

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is there a current gallery module?

I want to extend the events module with a link to photo's taken during past events. What is the best gallery module at the moment that is still compatible with impresscms?

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Happy 2024

Happy 2024! By now everyone should be recovering from the effects of the New Year's eve parties

Re: for PHP8.2

As far as I could test, PHP 8.2 support should be quite far along. The biggest problem will be the modules I think.

Re: for PHP8.2

OK, I will try.

Re: for PHP8.2

If you get a chance, Tac, please test the upcoming release on PHP8.2 and let us know what you find.

Re: Standup Reports

For CKeditor - config.js is part of the standard package from the developers (we've run into this with things we've done with Smarty, too). What's in there could be moved to formCkeditor.php

Re: for PHP8.2

Thank you, Tac!

We have PHP8 compatibility in the coming release of 2.0, which is really just days away, once we finish a few things and get through the holidays.

for PHP8.2

Hello from Japan.


Thank you always for the version upgrades and maintenance.

Now, I wanted to upgrade my WebServer's PHP from 7.4 to 8.2, but ImpressCMS was not compatible with PHP 8.2, so I did some trial and error and managed to install and manage it with PHP 8.2.

As for the modules, I am gradually making adjustments to the modules I use (Japanese version). I hope this is helpful. Please download from here.


Re: Standup Reports

current score : 2 down, 1 to go (the new theme is a bit too ambitious before the end of the year). I'm looking in the CKEditor stuff now, might even just go for an update to CKEditor 5 if I can get that to run in a reasonable timeframe (next 2 days)

Re: imTagging module - do tags work?

I've been looking at this and finding there are a couple more things to finish -

  1. Blocks are defined in icms_version.php, but the files are not present (tag_recent.php and tag_by_month.php)
  2. Category blocks - I'd like to have an index of categories block, since categories are what's available to use

Re: imTagging module - do tags work?

I'd be interested in seeing this done, too.

Looking at the code and the model document (doc/imtagging_model.pdf), it appears there should be at least 1 more class to implement - tag_link, similar to category_link. Maybe some form elements, too?

Other considerations would be to use Sprockets and get that working as you would like and then integrate that with the module of choice.

Re: embryonal multi-site support

Keep us posted - this has been a topic that has had quite a bit of discussion and some development.

MultiX on ICMS

Zarilia + ImpressCMS = ???

I remember more things, but not sure where those discussions or development are/were

embryonal multi-site support

I am currently hosting several basic sites that are more or less using the same ImpressCMS setup when it comes to modules. Core versions are not so frequent, but I'm using specific flavors of the content module for example where I do regular changes, and it's a chore to update all the sites, without forgetting one here and there.

so I was thinking  why not have one build that is common for all the sites, and just make the configuration different depending on the domain name that is used to reach the server? I could see some clashes with the cache that might need to be resolved, certainly if multiple sites use the same theme, off the top of my head, but I'm fairly confident that could be fixed quickly by adding the reference to the site domain.

I'll experiment and keep this thread updated.

Re: Git repository changes - moving branches

It did take me a few attempts to find the best way to accomplish this realignment in my local and remote repos, so I thought I'd share. And, since I haven't use the git command line much, I was working through Eclipse to figure it out. Following the steps above will also make sure you have the latest from the ImpressCMS repository - less to have to compare and merge into your repository.

Re: Git repository changes - moving branches

Thanks for the clear explanation on what to do!

Git repository changes - moving branches

There have been some changes you'll need to adjust your forks and local repositories to stay in sync with the core repository ( What was the 2.0.x branch is now labeled TNG (as in 'The Next Generation') and what was the 1.5.x branch is now the 2.0.x branch. This is to keep in line with the realization we had about the work done and the original scope we had for 2.0. David laid it all out in this post  - Version reshuffle. This renaming of the branches in git make things a little more clear when doing work for the various releases.

If you have forked ImpressCMS to work on it, the easiest thing to do is

  1. Delete the 2.0.x branch from your remote repository
  2. Delete the 2.0.x branch from your local repository
  3. Check out the new TNG branch from the ImpressCMS repository to your local repository
  4. Push that branch to your remote repository
  5. Do the same for the 1.5.x branch, except the new branch is what is now 2.0.x in the ImpressCMS repository

Alternatively, for moving the 2nd branch (1.5.x to 2.0.x), you could delete 1.5.x from your remote, rename your local 1.5.x branch to 2.0.x, and then push it to your remote. Your remote branch may still have a different upstream branch in the ImpressCMS repository.

If you have any branches that were created from either of those that you are still working in, you will need to update their upstream branch to point to the newly named branch.

If you don't delete the previous 2.0.x branch and the 1.5.x branch from both your remote and your local repository, you'll run into conflicts and potential duplication of branches.

Thank you!

"In all things - give thanks."

Every day, I get up and give thanks because I've been given another opportunity to share life with the people around me. May all of you be blessed as you go through your days.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for what you've shared with us over the years.

Thank you

Re: Standup Reports

PR waiting approval - Password reset:

Issue - Remove banner components from the db:

Issue - CKeditor customizations:

There are a few other improvements to work on. With these and the new theme from @fiammybe, I think we're ready for a release (RC)

updated SSL certificate for

After we switched hosting company a few weeks back, I got notified that the SSL setup wasn't performing correctly. It has been fixed now, and going to shouldn't provide you with a warning (depending on the browser you're using) that the connection isn't secure.