Re: Recent site availability issues

Thought yesterday evening the problem was on my site, but after modifying the settings of 3 pc's and my router the conclusion was that the problem was not on my site.

Maybe it's an option to sent a tweet to notify people if problems occur next time.


Recent site availability issues

Hello everyone,

we have experienced some DNS issues since the move to a new server, resulting in the sites not being accessible on several locations worldwide.

If you experience problems with the site, please inform us via twitter on @impresscms (faster) or mail (slower) via



Re: Project files and Assembla

No, that's not correct.

All development takes place on Assembla. The core is being developed in the ImpressCMS space whereas addons (modules, languages, themes) are being developed in the ImpressCMS Addons space.

Once we have a core release, the zip and tar.gz will be uploaded on for public download. Modules, themes and languages will be on

Now I understand what you were saying about tags. The "files" section is not supposed to be used. This section is required for ticket attachments which means, that whenever you upload an attachment for a ticket, the file will be visible in this section.

In order to commit something to our repositories on Assembla, please follow the commit guidelines on the SVN tab. There was no change compared to except for the repository URL.

In order to get all the details, please read the Wiki entry (here and here) which was written for the move from to Assembla.

Hope everything is clear now.

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Re: Project files and Assembla

Ok. If I understand: Core releases in SF; modules, themes, language files in Assembla. Right?

About tags in Assembla: in the submit file form there are these fields:

Your file


Enter tags, keywords, or phrases separated by commas

Re: Project files and Assembla

Packages will be on Sourceforge for download.

If you have language files to commit, the ImpressCMS Addons space on assembla is where you need to go. We have SVN there and it works exactly the same as on

Not sure what you mean with tags.

the german icms website :

Project files and Assembla

Where will be our files for downloading? SF or Assembla?

Assembla uses tag for files, not folders. If I submit a Spanish Language file for 1.3 I suppose these tags: Languages, Spanish. Right?

Other tags could be: Core, Modules or Themes. But we must organize this matter thinking in the future.

Re: smarty address

Hi Rtoi,

Thank you for your feedback. I just changed the URL.

Re: smarty address

Yes, we haven't uploaded it yet. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll take care of it.

smarty address

  • 2011/9/20 6:55:25
  • rtoi


This is not a bug, but on impressCMS website the logo of smarty under the section "Powered by" is directed to address

Of course it should be

Thank you,

Re: Site slow

We've had some problems today which turned out to be database related. I did clear the cache however, so in the beginning the site could be slower than usual.

As Marcan said: best contact him the moment you experience slowness. :thumbup:

Re: Site slow

It's not only you. There are days where I can't even reach it at all.
Today there's one of those days. Since a few minutes it seems to work a little better again.

However, the overall performance of is quite bad since I know it. It's the slowest site I'm browsing.

the german icms website :

Re: Site slow

Is it me or is ImpressCMS community website getting slower and slower?

Re: Password recovery should return login name, not user name?

true. but most people should realise that they login to their site with their login name anyway, why should that change simply because they lost their password.

it does need altering though, i don't disagree with that.

though on that whole concept, i think the login name & username issue was totally unneccessary anyway, i don't think it provides anymore protection anyway.

in fact i'm gonna propose that from 1.4 onwards, we scrap the login name & username & just keep Display Name, and have people just login to their sites using their email address.

no point keeping login name private when anyone can just login with their email address, kinda defeats the whole process.

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Password recovery should return login name, not user name?

After upgrading to 1.2.4, I found that I can't login with my username, only with my login name or email address, which is fine.

But if you reset your password with the 'forgot password' service, the reminder email with your account details provides your username, which you can't actually login with.

It should give you the login name instead shouldn't it?

Re: Happy Birthday ImpressCMS

Happy Birthday,
Live long and Prosper :bravo:

Re: Happy Birthday ImpressCMS

Happy Birthday! :thumbup:

Like a baby, the really interested things will start happening from this age on...

Happy Birthday ImpressCMS

  • 2010/12/21 5:59:44
  • aph3x

3 years eh?

How was it... xoopsinfo (or something) ... google groups... and finally here we are

Happy Birthday

So you made great theme yeah that's nice, now let me see ya do the same thing twice, 3times 4times and a couple of mo' times/Please, you're Amateur Night, it's Showtime

Re: 500 Internal Server Error ??

/user.php would be the one to login.

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