Moving translations from Transifex to Crowdin

The nice people on Crowdin have provided us with our very own server to manage our translations, and the feedback up until now is that the crowdin translation instance is easier to use, certainly for casual translators that come by once in a while for a few lines.

I have started the migration from Transifex to crowdin for all the translations in the different languages that we have, because it is a waste of time to do those translations from scratch every time. 

If you are curious, the ImpressCMS Crowdin project is available here : Impresscms · Crowdin 


Re: 2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>Thank you for these translations, I think those will be used in a translation banner I'll setup soon. I'd like to see if it's feasible to make it detect the location and the language of the browser, and show the relevant banner text</p>


Re: 2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>that's currently a work in progress, which I should document a bit better. For the wrong reasons, I chose country-specific languages in Transifex to translate into, so the base language is UK English (en-GB) instead of plain english (en). I've created the 'plain' languages, but Transifex doesn't just let you change a language, you have to export everything and import it into the new language. That's the reason why there are multiple double languages, where one is at 0%, and the other more filled up than that.</p>

<p>I've created the targets already, but haven't started the transfer progress, that's something I plan this week normally, if there are no technical hurdles that pop up.</p>

Re: 2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>Just curious as to how Transifex lists languages - when I view all the languages, English shows down at the bottom of the list, with 0% translated. There is French (France) and French, Spanish (Spain) and Spain, Dutch (Netherlands) and Dutch, Italian (Italy) and Italy, German (Germany) and German. Most of the languages listed without countries are at 0% translated, while those with countries show progress.</p> <p>Is it how we're set up, or something Transifex has done or changed? Might we benefit from removing some or all of those 'duplicates'</p>

Re: 2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>Here's my contribution - "Translate ImpressCMS" in multiple languages, from Google Translater</p> <p><strong>Italian</strong>: <em>Traduci ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Spanish</strong>: <em>Traducir ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Dutch</strong>: <em>Vertaal ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>German</strong>: <em>Übersetzen Sie ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Korean</strong>: <em>ImpressCMS 번역</em><br /> <strong>Japanese</strong>: <em>ImpressCMSを翻訳する</em><br /> <strong>Norwegian</strong>: <em>Oversett ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Polish</strong>: <em>Przetłumacz ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Persian</strong>: <em>ترجمه ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Lithuanian</strong>: <em>Versti ImpressCMS</em><br /> <strong>Portuguese</strong>: <em>Traduzir ImpressCMS</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Re: 2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>Small update : the German translation for ImpressCMS 1.3 is now complete on Transifex. I'll upload the language pack in the next few days.</p>

<p>Anyone who can help getting the last Spanish and Italian texts up and running would be a great help.</p>

2 languages at 100% on softaculous

<p>I've started looking at the translations again. ImpressCMS prides itself as a multilingual CMS, that means at least that people can expect to find the user interface in their native tongue. We still have some improvements there <img src="" alt="" /></p>

<p>At the <a href="">current state of things</a>, 3 languages are fully complete : English (duh), French and Dutch. Several others are nearing 100%, such as <a href="">Korean</a>, <a href="">Spanish</a>, <a href="">German </a>and <a href="">Italian</a>. With a small amount of effort, we could get to 7 languages 100% complete in the near future.</p>

<p>If you are interested to participate in these languages, or know someone who is, <a href="">Transifex </a>is the site to go to. If you want to improve or add another language, please don't hesitate and let me know, either here or on Transifex</p>

Re: has been a while

Hi Web-M, great to see you found your way back to the project and are planning to build sites again with ImpressCMS.

Not much has changed for the moment on what you actually see, but there have been some big developments in the background, most (but not all) for ImpressCMS 2.0. I guess we'll need to decide one day to get a release out and stop adding or changing or optimizing stuff anymore. But I digress

I'm also working on a total revamp of the website (layout, structure, partial content rewrite) and we're on a kind of a deadline there, that should happen quite soon.

We have made some switches in our development infrastructure, and I'll be the first to admit that those switches could have been done better from a communication point of view. The current state is another hybrid : the code resides on github for the visibility, but our ticket tracker is still on assembla because it is way better that anything that Github can offer at the moment.

Next to that, there is also Transifex that I'd like to use to manage translations. However, that process still needs to be worked out. It's mainly me trying to get as many translations as possible in, and then manually running the script that constructs the language file based on the transifex data. Improving that is on my to-do list (somewhere below I'm afraid).

Now that you are showing interest int his particular field, along with someone else as well, Let's brainstorm a bit about how we can improve on what's there, both from a end-user and from a translator point of view.

has been a while

Hello everybody,

It has been a while since I was here. Not much has changed. But I've missed a lot in switching between HUBs (git, asembla,etc). Transifex I've found.
I now want to spend some time at building websites again with ImpressCMS in Dutch. But with a former crash of my computer and my site al my Dutch langfiles have gone I'm afraid.
I have already translated Reader but can someone explain where i can find and download the Dutch 1.3.x langfiles of the core in a easy way?

When my site is up and running again I will share the Dutch langfiles again as in the olddays.

Greetz Web-M

Re: Encoding in translation files

I think it depends on which entities and in which instances. Do you have some examples?

Encoding in translation files

I've been looking at some of the translations that are stored on Transifex, and I see some translations that use the html notations for special characters.

I was wondering, in the current state of PHP and ImpressCMS, do we still have to use that, or can we use UTF-8 for all the translation files and make them more readable?

Re: nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex

  • 2013/1/15 3:40:05
  • web-M

I made a package of the files.

Dutch lang pack is attatched

Attach file:

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Re: nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex

Not yet, sorry. Getting the files from Transifex is a manual process at the moment, unless you use the transifex command line client. That one works a bit like a Source Control system : you pull the latest files, and you push them back.
Because Transifex doesn't support file hierarchies like we need for ImpressCMS, we can't just download the entire archive directly from Transifex.

Re: nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex

  • 2013/1/14 13:21:31
  • web-M

Is there already a dutch languagepack instaid of these loose files?

Re: nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex


I'm now trying to complete the French translations (another language I speak), but there is much more missing for that one. Plus it's not my native language, so it'll go slower.

I'll answer in the other thread about your gettext idea.

Re: nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex

That is very good :)

Lol, I today came to this forum write about other translations thing ;]

nl-nl translation now at 100% on Transifex

FYI, I've updated the Dutch translation on transifex, and we should have 100% coverage for the 1.3 core in Dutch now :

We have quite a few languages that need some care. Have a look at the list here.Don't hesitate to register on Transifex and have a go at translating a few lines at a time in your native language.

Re: language codes list on wiki

I think adding the lists can certainly be arranged. If we want to work on languages, we'll need a better foundation and these lists are part of that.

Re: language codes list on wiki

Think we should consider to have multiple lists for ICMS:

1. Country codes/names: ISO 3166, already implemented.
2. Language codes/names: As listed in the wiki list and according to the RCF document
3. Language codes/names: ISO 639-3, 3 letter code for the languages

Further, we have to know how to read the codes from no. 2 and 3.
I think nl-BE should be read as Dutch in Belgium (no. 2), as where vls represents Vlaams as language (no. 3).

If these lists are part of the core they are available to core and module developers and these developers can decide which list is best to use for a core or module feature/function.

Re: language codes list on wiki

I updated the codes.
That RFC document is a good link for information. The question is how we should incorporate that information into ImpressCMS to enhance things (country dropdown lists, language management, ...)

The multi-language is one of the strong points of ImpressCMS, so what can we do to improve on it? Obvious strategies will be to provide language distribution packages that can be easily installed in the system from the ACP.
Any other suggestions?