Re: How do you see GDPR

<p>I'm not really a fan of EU bureacracy (cookie acknowledgements drive me crazy, did we really need those?) but in this case, I think they have done a good thing.</p>

<p>Data collection is completely out of control right now, to an outrageous extent, and something needed to be done. Whether this law actually goes far *enough* is another question, I suspect the industry will try and shrug it off, unless a company is a&nbsp;major power like Facebook or Google it probably isn't going to attract much attention. At least, not yet.</p>

<p>Pretty much every internet connected device is gathering data and sending back telemetry to its makers and if you follow computer security in general there is a clear trend of technology companies being clueless (or perhaps, disinterested) in computer/data security or privacy. They can't secure their devices and they can't secure the data they collect.</p>

<p>Even worse, practically every company is willing to handover whatever data they have to the government when they are "legally obliged" to do so. That may be fine in a first world democracy, but if you're living in a third world country with a repressive, authoritarian government, what does "legally obliged" mean? The goon squad doesn't come with any procedural or rule-of-law protections. Handing over private data can have dire consequences, and a chilling effect on society in general.</p>

<p>I hope eventually we can get to a place where companies collect only that data they legitimately need for their service, and no more. But at the moment it's collect-all-you-can and figure out how to exploit/monetise your clients later.</p>


How do you see GDPR

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I live in Belgium, which is more or less in the middle of Europe geographically, and also politically because we have most of the EU institutions here in Brussels (where I work at the moment). I have been working on a project that is in the Medical sphere, so because of that the privacy aspect was one of the base requirements we had to deal with. That meant that we had a good idea about GDPR even at the beginning of the year.</p>

<p>Facebook did us all a favor in terms of putting privacy on the map with their Cambride Analytica scandal, so the awareness of the general public might have been better than expected. I work in the government and health sector, so we have more exposure to this kind of subject than most people, so I was wondering how you have perceived the GDPR introduction, the privacy discussions it has inevitably generated, the load of emails you received (potentially also from ImpressCMS, I admit) about new privacy policies and terms of use.</p>

<p>I thought it very useful that every service I used in the past now asks if I am still interested <img src="" alt="" /> Kinda makes it easy to have an overview when you want to decide whether you are still interested.</p>

<p>The fact that several companies decided to simply block people from the EU is to me a tell that they do things with your data they don't want you to know. Perhaps the GDPR, with it's very top-down approach, but with good intentions, will help the rest of the world as a possibility of what might be a good direction to let the common people reclaim posession of their personal data.</p>

<p>How is GDPR viewed in your countries? Would you like to have similar legislation in your area?</p>


ImpressCMS in context of today

At the moment I recomend all public service and governmental projects to own their sites. Especially swedish radio and TV. Also free democratic parties shall own their sites. This will as an effect keep web in smaller projects wich is also to prefer for Browns, Johnssons, Juan, Ivan and Fritz etc <img src="" alt="" />.
The development with secret mapping and documentation of users in the big, commersial social media is slightly scaring and should be held back. ///***///

This is also what I do nowadays. Analyzing processes and trying to understand the best solutions, appart from short sited profits. While my studying and entrance into philosophy of organisation and future ///***///

Today there is probably >1500 free cms. The reason is most likely that most people get stuck in the ”paper end pen metaphor”. The trick is to get out of that ”paper box” and still simple to understand. Everyone destined trying to find the holy grale of the really smart cms that stands out. ImpressCMS actually doing some of that magic. /jnwn

iForum importer for bbPress

<p>Those of you that know bbPress, it's a forum software built on Wordpress. </p>
<p>I recently stumbled upon the fact that it has some nice importer functions for the majority of the open source forums, and thought about writing an importer for iForum. The importers are quite easy to define, and this was has given me some clues about how we could define a generic import/export framework in ImpressCMS, to be used to migrate to and from other CMSes, but also between different modules within ImpressCMS.</p>
<p>I currently have a procedure that imports users and forum structure on the site, I'm working on the topics and the posts.</p>
<p>This is the current latest version in attachment. Feel free to test and elaborate</p>

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Re: SVN to Git conversion : handy guide

Is it possible to get a beer at the Git... If not what is it good for?

New looks around here .... I don't like new stuff

.... but it looks improved and stronger too <img src="" alt="" /> that is good.

Little chocked today. Softaculous demo denied me entrence to Impresscms admin pages. Perhaps I wasn't trusted. ... but we work on it.

CU around

Re: SVN to Git conversion : handy guide

Thanks, that was very useful. Git is another thing I'm trying to get my head around at the moment.

SVN to Git conversion : handy guide

I only wish we had had this page by Atlassian when we migrated ImpressCMS from SVN to Git some time ago :

We managed as well, but having an idea at the beginning of the steps to take would have been cool

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

I think so, Typebase is just a stylesheet so I added an import statement to my theme stylesheet to include it. So I'm handling all the typography aspects via that.

As far as tweaks go I just set the default font to verdana, the default text size, added a p+p style and things are looking pretty nice as it seems to scale the other styles relative to that pretty well. Much better than my own efforts.

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

for Bootup, I do my preliminary work in my personal fork :

I'll do a pull request once I feel that the theme has reached a minimal level, which might be quite soon.

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

Typebase looks cool. Can it be integrated with Bootstrap?

Have a look at Bootup, the work-in-progress next generation theme for ImpressCMS in the future. There's not much there at the moment, just a slightly cleaned-up version of my work, so feel free to update and make pull requests.

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

Thanks. Argh, Javascript!!!

I've also been trying to improve my typography (good typography is HARD and I always felt it was one of the weaknesses of our themes), so I'm experimenting with Typebase.

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

I would look into basing your new theme on Bootstrap3 at the moment. It's much more structured, and it works quite well in combination with stock ImpressCMS. I have a work in progress on based on vanilla bootstrap, and except for some small errors that I want to fix, but lack the time, it works quite well I think.

Re: Best Bare Knuckles Design For ImpressCMS --Official ImpressCMS Stuff--

Resurrecting this thread :)

I need to develop a new theme, but razorburn and barebones links in this thread are broken. Anyone still got the files?

Or should I use something else as a starting point?

Re: hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

  • 2016/2/8 4:52:08


nice to hear you have a family, congratulations on that!
at the moment my projects are pretty much on hold, but will never quit.
here are the projects:

some of them are developed under, some under

if u want to join somehow, please let me know here or maybe by mail: my twitter is @hale_xp.

you can see some infos about the in development network here
(png mindmaps): - Mindmaps (3,5MB .zip download)

Have a nice day!

Re: hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

Hi hale-xp,
Take care with your health. I've been handling a new baby at home and that takes a heavy toll on my free time. I need to sleep whenever I can, so my time to dedicate to impresscms development is almost zero.
I have lots of things I want to see realized for impresscms, so it's very frustrating at the moment.

How is your project for the future coming along?

New low in internet censorship

Thailand has just charged two people with a serious criminal offence for clicking the 'like' button on a Facebook post. If convicted, this is throw away the key kind of stuff. They have also previously handed out 20 year sentence to a forum administrator for failing to delete offensive comments *fast enough*.

I am posting this to emphasise two things:

1. Don't host any website in Thailand if you live there or have any plans to ever visit.

2. Take your civil rights seriously. Get involved with Electronic Frontiers or its local equivalent if you have one. Don't make it easy for for the government to erode your privacy or anything else. Do not be complacent.

My thoughts on the issue are basically unprintable, so I will leave it there.

hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

  • 2015/12/14 6:36:02

hi all, i just wanted to tell you that i had some troubles with time but mainly my health.
i hope i will be back with energy again soon.

all the best and keep up the great work!


Re: hi there, i have a new account

cool with me.

Let me welcome you (again) to the community forums. You will find a friendly bunch of ImpressCMS supporters here, whose goal is to make sure that you can get the most out of ImpressCMS.

Re: hi there, i have a new account

  • 2015/10/17 6:13:06

thank you very much, its ok, and i would like to stay with the new one, the history of the old is on the forum and is findable and im ok with the counter starting anew. it fits to my intent to really get into icms anew from ground up too.

Re: hi there, i have a new account

No need to create a new account if you want to keep all your history. I can remove your newly created account and change your old accountname if you want.

Let me know!