Re: hi there, i have a new account

  • 2015/10/17 6:13:06

thank you very much, its ok, and i would like to stay with the new one, the history of the old is on the forum and is findable and im ok with the counter starting anew. it fits to my intent to really get into icms anew from ground up too.


Re: hi there, i have a new account

No need to create a new account if you want to keep all your history. I can remove your newly created account and change your old accountname if you want.

Let me know!


hi there, i have a new account

  • 2015/10/16 8:37:16

hi there, just wanted to let you know that i created a new account, my old one is the 63RD one. i had many different names on different sites, now i moved to one for all, some online identity.

all the best and see you around!

you find my G+ here:
hale-xp Google Plus
my twitter is: @hale_xp

Re: So I bought a couple of mechanical keyboards...

  • 2015/8/27 14:52:29
  • david

I've just got a nice Corsair K65 led keyboard. Flashy effects, but a very nice keyboard to use compared to my laptops keyboard.

Re: So I bought a couple of mechanical keyboards...

I think I like the CM Storm Rapid-i slightly better, but really they are very similar in construction quality and you'll be happy with either of them (you could beat off a zombie attack with these things, they are that solid).

For programming or slow typing, I would say get brown switches (like a blue but without the noise). If you want a keyboard to do fast typing or a bit of everything (especially gaming) red switches are easier on the fingers.

There is also a CM Storm Rapid, which doesn't have LEDs under the keys (which makes it a lot cheaper). You don't need LEDs, but if you do get them pick white ones - it does help to highlight the lettering on the keyboard without being obtrusive. My Ducky has blue LEDs and I find them hard to look at / a bit annoying so I just turn them off.

If you do get a mechanical keyboard I suggest to make sure it comes with Cherry switches. Apparently the patent recently expired so a lot of inferior copies are starting to appear - from what I've read they don't have the same quality control so the force needed to actuate each key varies a bit, which can be annoying.

Re: So I bought a couple of mechanical keyboards...

I already noticed that there are large differences in keyboards, but never thought about going in such details about the technology behind the keys (switches, what is better and what isn't - great stuff). Outside of Thailand, what would you recommend (best and perhaps an affordable - not necessarily cheap - is be appreciated?

So I bought a couple of mechanical keyboards...

I've wanted a mechanical keyboard for ages (specifically, a tenkeyless design without the number pad, as both my home and work desks are small).

But they are pretty hard to get in Thailand, so I ended up buying a Ducky Zero online (red switches, for gaming) and a CM Storm Rapid-i (blue switches) for work (I actually wanted brown switches but you sometimes you just have to take what you can get in Thailand). Overall I prefer the red switches for gaming and general use, these are the smooth 'non clicky' ones.

The blue switches are meant to be better for typing, as they have an audible 'click' when activated and a point of resistance, so you know if a key has been actuated or not. But frankly if you can touch type at a reasonable speed this is pointless, as you'll have two or three fingers coming down at any point in time so it doesn't help, and actually I find the extra resistance of the keys fatiguing.

But where it *does* help, and the reason I am writing this apparently otherwise random post, is in programming. You aren't typing full tilt when programming and have to stretch to hit keys you don't normally use much in general typing. Here the blue switch feedback is actually useful. I am finding I make fewer errors (because I am more aware of errors) using the blue keys.

A mechanical keyboard feels nice but it doesn't help you type faster by the way. I actually type a lot faster on laptop style and chicklet keyboards, because the keys have very little distance to travel.

The Planet Impress wallpaper collection

  • 2015/6/10 13:14:06
  • 63RD

Hi all!

I have made a wallpaper collection called Planet Impress.
Maybe you like it!

You can browse through thumbnails and download the images here:

Have fun with it!

The best way to predict the future is to invent it! (Alan Kay)
Good things happen when you go for it! (Alan Webb)
Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.

We're now on the Freshcode club

You might know the site, or perhaps its previous name, "". That site has more or less been shut down by its owner (Dice Holdings) - it's now a static site.

A static site is of limited use for a site that has as a goal to steer people to latest releases of open source software. Not long after that decision by Dice, a new triplet of sites went up :, and (with thanks to the new domain extension .club of course).

I took the liberty of registering ImpressCMS there :

The freecode club is, contrary to its predecessor, a collaborative editing site, so feel free to update the entry when you see something you would like to change.

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone,

Easter is upon us, and although it is a catholic celebration, it is celebrated in many different ways all over the world. Here in Belgium, we have the Easter bunny hiding chocolate eggs in the garden for the kids to find (who would have guessed, Belgium and chocolate).

In Italy, people celebrate it much more than we do, but I would like to wish you all a happy Easter (and perhaps some chocolate eggs, who knows)!

Member Spotlights: Your Turn!

A while back, we did a series of posts on some of the early contributors. Those articles gave us a chance to look back, celebrate what we've done together and also look ahead.

There have been so many others that have helped keep this project moving forward - everyone in this community has played a part in ImpressCMS and we appreciate that deeply.

We all have stories to tell, let us hear some of your stories.

Here's the first few questions --

When did you start using ImpressCMS?

What platforms did you use before ImpressCMS? Which ones have you tried lately? Do you use other platforms?

Why ImpressCMS and not another cms?

Re: german community down

  • 2013/9/18 13:28:38
  • lotus

The host say something about D-DOS attack.

Re: german community down

someone put the power cable back in

Re: german community down

  • 2013/9/17 19:41:07
  • lotus

time for full backup :D

Re: german community down

Looks like, we are back.

german community down

  • 2013/9/17 18:27:08
  • lotus

bad news: the german-site (and the whole host) is down and we do not no why.

We keep you informed, when we know something new.

please notice, that you can not even mail to the german members.

Re: Coursera: Free online courses from top unis

Stanford University's free online cryptography course will run again on 9 September. If you have an interest in security I highly recommend it (again!).

It will be followed by a second extension course afterwards.

IRC Channel

Hi Guys,

Skype is great for voice and video calling, but I'm not really enamored by it's chat capabilities. Also, as I described earlier, one of my requirements for a discussion channel was to have a web-based access to it.

Jabber would have been nice, but that's a P@1N to setup, at least the services I found until now. However, as an alternative I have found a web IRC client called KiwiIRC. No setup required, and you can easily connect by clicking on this link.

Improvements would be nice, such as being able to logon automatically with your site name and credentials, but having a real-time discussion facility is already a big step ahead.

IRC will work with an installed IRC client on your machine (mIRC was tested, Trillian and others should work as well).

Re: Chatting options

I looked at mibbit, and also at KiwiIRC. I'll try to see if I can get KiwiIRC included on the site.

Jabber would be nice, but I don't know of any integrated web-based solutions (that we don't have to setup ourselves). We don't have the expertise in the team to set something like that up.

Re: Chatting options

mibbit looks nice. I'll see if we can organise a test in the near future.
I seem to remember Google did some tiny changes of their own to make GTalk 'non-standard'. It would be cool to do though.

Thanks for the mibbit link, didn't found out about that one before!