Re: Birthlist gift site on ImpressCMS

Congratulations! I wish you and your family all the best.

Btw., the idea about a "baby list solution" is very cool.


Birthlist gift site on ImpressCMS

I became a father 2 weeks ago. In Belgium, it's customary to have a list of gifts, so that your friends and family can buy useful things for the baby.
The baby list solutions that were available (mostly linked to one shop or another) were not nice at all, so I decided it had to be custom-made in ImpressCMS (of course).

The site can be found at It's built on ImpressCMS, Catalogue with jCart 1.3 integrated and some custom work to have a mail on checkout with payment info, instead of PayPal integration. The theme is based on boiler by MrTheme.

A big thanks to Madfish for the initial integration of jCart into his catalogue module, skenow for bugfixes on the jCart integration and MrTheme for the theme work (and team work as well).


Re: Another ICMS site..

Hey all, Because I mentioned it.. I just wanted to Report the Errors for The blocks in Tadgallery. (Feel free to split this if necessary).

The blocks all seem really cool but there are some limitations and in the case of the Falsh Show block, it doesnt work at all.

Here is the error on Admin (blank Page) I mentioned:

Notice: Undefined index: name in file /kernel/icmspersistablecontroller.php line 102

If you just bypass the page it appears that the block is still active though. SO you can still display blocks.

Next is a list of Notices, in this case it refers directly to the Flash Slideshow Block which is the coolest block Im sure but cant get to work.

SO FYI if you are interested: The last 3 might be note worthy I think..

Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_1 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_1' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_2 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_2' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_3 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_3' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_4 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_4' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_5 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_5' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_6 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_SHOW_MODE_6' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 15 Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_1 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_1' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 17
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_2 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_2' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 17
Notice: Use of undefined constant _MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_3 - assumed '_MA_TADGAL_CATE_SHOW_MODE_3' in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 17
Notice: Undefined variable: at in file /modules/tadgallery/blocks/tadgallery_slideshow.php line 32
Notice: Undefined variable: images in file /modules/tadgallery/blocks/tadgallery_slideshow.php line 33
Notice: Undefined variable: td in file /modules/tadgallery/function.php line 809

As I mentioned you can still display all blocks, it would be nice to have more config options though.
And, currently the only block that doesnt seem to work is the Flash Slide SHow block.

Otherwise loving this gallery module.

Re: Another ICMS site..


Re: Another ICMS site..

  • 2011/5/2 14:28:16
  • Will

Yes, there are multiple security exploits publicly available.

I will edit them out for you.

Re: Another ICMS site..

Thanks all.!

Will (?): Well thats whats working together at the moment.
I personally get frustrated when I mix things up and they don't work together, so that was my primary reason for sharing that info..I cant confirm if they all work together in the latest for example... But all who care about that stuff probably have seen it by now so no problem. (security?)

David -
TadGallery IS nice. I'm not sure whats causing problems with the Block admin (blank pages on submit) but I will do some error reporting and see if I can track it. The blocks WILL still show if you choose to show them, but they are not as flexible as I think they were intended. And the options for changing their dimensions etc. don't seem to be taking. One thing that is really nice is that is uses Jquery..And since its already called in ICMS there is no need to use the "Jquery block" which I believe would act as a call for it. The blocks appear to be clean and very nice, but tagain, the block admin config does not seem to be taking when it comes to sizing.

I'm assuming there are some translation issues, but I could be wrong, fortunately, Icons with "Red" and "Green" are used often so that helps! I added descriptions of what the icons are in the main display template, I don't think anyone would have ever guessed what they were otherwise (the various views you can choose from). This particular theme has a fixed the Gallery works pretty well where its at. But I remember trying it once before and it never seemed to fit in with the theme quite well. This makes me feel its not as Flexible in the template area as it Could be. (there is really only one template for overriding). I also cannot figure out where the display restrictions are coming from. It will, in other views besides 3d, resize the pics and no matter what I set in preferences or what I find in css I cant find the option for it.

-Finally the Batch upload feature does not really work as smoothly as we desire. First it took me awhile to realize you need to batch upload from an option on the front end (though you can manage later in the admin backend there are basically 2 levels of admin, 1 from the module page itself and 1 from the admin backend, they have different options though so you kinda have to use both.). Also, Currently, like extgal, you have to upload your images into an upload folder via FTP and THEN Batch Import. This took me awhile to realize.

There is also an option for an "XP uploader".. doesn't work with anything but XP i assume,(?) ts a dos script i think, I tried it doesn't work with my OS. and would probably "frighten" anyone trying to use it. So maybe another method. Single Uploading DOES work fine and kind of works like the image manager would, as long as permissions are set first on a pre-created gallery. - LOL sorry for long answer.

Basically its easy to use for more intermediate users I think. I don't know that I would unleash it on a full community of users. But a small team or individual would pick it up pretty quick. It could use some refinements is all. I like it more and more I use it.

Thanks again for the feedback..

Re: Another ICMS site..

Nice work on the site - Tad gallery is quite good from the looks of it.. what is actually needed to get this module more usable?

Re: Another ICMS site..

  • 2011/5/2 9:45:20
  • Will

Please remove the versions you are using from your post.

Re: Another ICMS site..

really nice site, gratulations.

Re: Another ICMS site..

Good job, looks great :)

Another ICMS site..

Maybe we can change this Forum Topic to "your Icms Website" or something. "website reviews" kinda intimidating! LOL

wanted to share latest ICMS website I've put together.
(below is just to shorten Url not 'tracking it' or anything)

Im still tweaking it a little but..
its for for a non-profit theatre co.


Liase: (w' captcha)
(still the most versatile contact form Ive used. IMO
Ideally would like to find one that allows you to just enter any email to send its results to. My current "workaround" is to create a user group that uses that email and send to them.
(very slight modifications to css)
Translation is not complete and the Blocks are a bit problematic (though I haven't dived into them to see whats really going on they are not adjusting in size as they should and admin pages for them are not working well) Other than that though Im pretty impressed with Tadgallery.

Custom Theme based a design I put together. I used the the default ICMSLight theme as a base, I like the block handling and such and am more familiar with it ( I was considering giving BLEEK's framework a spin because its important to be as modular as possible, but Im just more familiar with the ICMS one at the moment and didn't have time to familiarize myself with a new one)

I still plan on exploring url rewriting (wish this was easier to do with ICMS) But over all I am very happy to offer them (the company) the use of an ICMS powered site as I find it suitable for their needs and think they will too.

I was happy to be able to apply as much of my original design as possible into a a functional theme.

-So Many Thanks to the ImpressCMS project as usual!

**Edited to remove versions.

Re: - lithuanian site for one kindergaten

  • 2010/10/23 11:00:19
  • david

Seconded about the site as news

Re: (2010 version) - website dedicated for lithuanian SkyNet ISP users

Again, the site need a news.

About imcontrols I remember an old post vry interesting.
Definitely, our comment system is outdated and your contribution is great. I remmember too playing with incomments too. It was great.

Please, incomments and imcontrols does not suppose changes in core: they are modules. Could you submit them in svn for testing and translating?

Re: - lithuanian site for one kindergaten

Excellent work!
It deserves a news, not a forum post.

Re: - corporate site of :)

Yes this possible... at least it was when Ii developed this site (2-3 weeks ago) :) Of-course some modules like profile are from 1.2 ICMS distribution.

Re: - corporate site of :)

You say that you're using the latest SVN of content with ImpressCMS 1.2.
I would say that this is impossible because it requires the autoloader which is implemented in 1.3 the earliest.

Do you mean another "latest" version?

the german icms website : - corporate site of :)

Maybe You already know - I'm one of administrators & content writers in biggest lithuanian website for games -

Not far ago (last week), I finished another subproject - corporate website.

Because I'm Impress CMS developer I choices it for this this site. :) Site has content written in English and in Lithuanian. Some sites area can be accessed only for users with correct rights.

Here are screens of what anonymous user can see:

Here is links of what team members can see:

Site is based on ICMS 1.2 core + imControls and use:
* modified imBlogging and imblogging-anyone modules for forum without categories
* new members-groups-list module for listening members of this site
* latest smarttask module version from SVN
* latest contact module version from SVN
* simplywiki for displaying information for team

This is currently my latest ICMS based website. So, I don't think that I will post new topics in this forum area. I hope someone other will do, because such topics sometimes are very good reasons to start using ICMS for own websites :)

Re: (2010 version) - website dedicated for lithuanian SkyNet ISP users

Thanks :)

@fiammybe: i have plan about this. However its hard me to say date when it my be