Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 19:43:05
  • Will

Thank you steve for your feedback.

I definitely agree about the width on larger screens. I use dual wide screens.. it is difficult to build a fixed width theme, when you don't really have a choice in the matter. Due to the design it would be very difficult to get this one at say 80%, and if we did. The content would be so skewed. I wish there was a way to sniff and serve up different pages based on resolution automatically.

Gah!, I didn't even notice the subs did that.

Right column definitely needs work across the board.

Yeah, looks like I typed out the list of keywords, then did not bother pasting them into admin. All-nighters, you know how it is. As soon as i find the document I will resolve that, thanks for the heads up.


Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

:thumbup: I love it! A new site made with Impress!

I'm ok with the space at the top, but the side margins are too wide for me (I'm using a widescreen display and get 310px on each side of margin).

The a:hover on submenu items shifts the text to the left margin - I think the highlight is sufficient and shifting text is one of my pet peeves. Just click on News, then hover over Submit to see what I am referring to.
Once the Product page is completed, it will be quite impressive.

The Services page needs to draw more attention to the services in the right column. The big gray box directing people to the bottom of the page to contact a staff member dominates the viewer's center of focus, which draws away from the services list on the right. Once I found them, they work quite well. Full Site Construction does not underline when hovered over and I was able to orphan a lot of underlines by moving to the right of the menu, instead of down through the list. There was also some odd behavior as I clicked on each item successively.

I'd recommend moving your top keywords to the beginning of the list - the first 20 are the most critical for SEO - 'theme' is #55 in your list, 'design' is #60. Most of the default keywords should go, because they pertain to the platform, not your content. Your keywords are also static and do not reflect the actual page content.Try to get the menu text into the keywords (sure could use a smarty variable for th active module here!)

As a business, your primary goal is not to get people to your page, but to convert each visit into business. Ask 'What action do I want visitors to take on this page?' and then make it obvious. Think of your web site as a dialog with your customers and lead them to the next step in doing business with you.

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Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 10:50:12
  • Will

for all its worth, I am not asking for a review of my admin panel...

The gallery isn't even used.

When I do move to d3 it will be because I have finished the import script.. so there is no need for me to disable cbb until I make the switch.

Custom module ftw!

Movie is random, I do a lot of contracts for people that want my credits removed. Discreet employees is kind of important in that aspect.


It's because your old

Yeah, rightcolumn needs a little work. I had thought that as well.

Prior to, I was in the top page for a lot of keywords. "cms design, theme design, XOOPS themes. XOOPS design, and a few others." I did a lot of SEO work this time, including adding a lot more content. We will see in a few months how she does. Wanna get that #1 spot across the board :)

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

I like it Will.

I notice a little issue with the gallery. In admin the backend of the gal does not know if its the currant version? Why is that?

On the frontend it looks nice. I know your moving away from cbb to d3. So you might want to hide cbb for now.

The new services and products pages load fast as all get out! Thats a pretty cool lil ajax feature. I like those alot because I need something like that for a new site im doing. If there was only a way to post stuff with out all the community features. Like who posted, date & time with out hacking the templates.

The flash up top is nice. I am sure it not the finial version. But I'll post this anyway. It says discreet employees i would change that. You could find something better to put their. It makes the movie seem a little out of place.

I love the main menu. Its simple but yet effective. It looks very nice.

The top of the website seems down one space too far. I like how its separated from the top but there is to much space. It throws it off just a little for me.

Your right block is very plain. I am not sure if its the color or you just need to fancy it up a little with something like icons. It does not draw any eye attention. It just kinda fades off for me.

I am glad you took the "s" off the end of the word design. That will help in the SEO side of things. Plus the links in your themes drove your site to the number 1 spot on google for the word designs but not for design. Most people search for "web site design" as opposed to the designs. Although the word designs does need a home in some of your content.

I'll post back after you do some more work. All in all nice work man...

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 10:08:55
  • Will

Sure will.

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 9:54:01
  • david

Agreed ... please could you also publish the announcement there and give the site more well-deserved coverage

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

Oh, sorry: I did not see until your notice.
But I believe that you must publish your site in that section news.

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 9:41:02
  • Will

Thanks guys

News -> They Use Impress CMS!

I just didn't notice it was there until after i posted the forums post, and didnt want to double post.

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn


Please check it out and give us a little feedback.

It would be a joke: give feeback is imposible because the site is really impressive.
We need a new section news in this site: Just another ICMS site.

Re: Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 9:27:41
  • david

That is a very nice looking site indeed!

Well done!

Mr. Theme Design - Reborn

  • 2008/2/12 9:20:34
  • Will

Mr. Theme Design has been re-opened and rebuilt from the ground up with iCMS!

We have a couple custom modules, and a new look. You will need to log in to see our new helpdesk. (iHelp)

If you were registered at Mr. Theme when we used whoops, your account has been ported over.

Please check it out and give us a little feedback.