IXC Auto

I would like to introduce IXC Auto.

if you think about it what do you think IXC stands for?

I = Impress
X = Xoops
XC = Xoops cube

and well Auto is because im a Car Guy, lol :lmao:

Im far from biest, thus what IXC, but i do have to say the core of the site is ICMS. :thumbup:

Ive started this site to hopefully start up where XGarage.org left off.
to give some support to the garage module. and to start a few more project, modules, themes, mods, ect.

Its not all going to be Automotive related, sence the focus is "Enthusiust's" of all origins.

The site is currently closed, but it is up and working, just need to add some modules and then it will be open for public.
if you would like to suggest modules for dev work or any others, please post it, if you would like to help set up, thats always welcome.



Re: Almost converted

Most of what you see is a out sourced file, as in i have a blank xoops page that if calling a file,

<?php if (file_exists("mainfile.php")) { include("mainfile.php"); } elseif(file_exists("../mainfile.php")) { include("../mainfile.php"); } else { include("../../mainfile.php"); } include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . "/header.php"); $xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_showrblock', 0); // 1 display right blocks $xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_showlblock', 0); // 1 display right blocks include_once "../old/files/index.php"; include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . "/footer.php"); ?>

Rather basic.
The plus to this is its SEO.


but the down side, its not in the sitemap, or automaticly in the menu. these have to be added in, also, none of the mods can fix any error if they need to, sense its all done on the back end.
This will have to do till i finish a set of modules.
Then i will have not so friendly url's, but they can be fixed.


Its just a matter of time.
Ive just about got the engines module done, once its finished and tested, ill clone it for a few others like Transmissions, Manufactures, Service Notes, Check Engine, ect.


Re: Almost converted

Hi Marc,
Tell us what you haven't converted yet

Almost converted

I've got a lot of the site converted, tho Im still looking for modules to include into the site to help move the content into.

The move from SMF into the Newbbex was the challenge, ended up just starting over with it.

So if your big on cars and trucks, or with to know more about them.
sign up.

if your not, i can always use pointers in what i can could or should do.,


Any who... heres the site url to Greased Knuckles


Re: My new personal website & other things

MrTheme, thank you again for your idea. However I decided to postpone this tasks until I imControls will move at least to alpha stage. Than I'll try to create special module for content translation using Google Translate or other similar services.

debianus, thank you for warm your feedback. :) I'll post my site to news and partners section when I fix there some things (I hate some icons in downloads section; imlinks die when I try to parse SankakuComplex feed; mystory module yet doesn't show yet all stories list). My new comments version you can find now at https://svn.impresscms.org/core/sandbox/imcontrols. Other things I'll share later.

Re: My new personal website & other things

Great site!!
First, I believe the site must be in partners section. Please submit it; too in They use ImpressCMS ! (news section). This site is too much good for announce only in forums

Impressive "about" module and imlinks customization.

I like your hacks for comments. Well, it is a matter for CSS and templates and normally themes have not code for them. We need improve comments as you have done: allow comments by anonymous with his name and comments inside the send comment form
I suppose that for 1.2 it is not possible; but, please could you give us a tips, hacks, some code..

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/15 15:00:10
  • david

Really nice looking site Mekdrop! Good work!

I'll try and get some testing done on your latest code later tonight or tomorrow.

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/15 6:13:44
  • Will

it looks like the google translate services uses an iframe as well, which causes the conflict.

you could perhaps try a workaround like this.


<div id="about"> your about text - html whatever. </div>

that goes on the page - it will be hidden from view below...

$(function) { $('#about').hide(); $('#seeme').colorbox().click(function() { $('#about').css('display', 'block'); }); });

back to html
<a id="seeme" href="#about" rel="lightbox">about me...</a>

Mind you I have been up for about 18 hours and I wrote that without testing it - but in principle it should work.

You are calling a div from the page - instead of an iframe.

hmm, this needs a little work.

Re: My new personal website & other things

i didn't fixed yet... from what i can see it doesn't work only for images but not for text or iframes (like i use in aboutowner page) :/

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/15 4:34:34
  • Will

did you already fix it? because it seems to work here

Re: My new personal website & other things

Thank you MrTheme. It gives me some ideas how to use Url rewriting. But some parts I'm missing.. :(

I just found new issue - jQuery ColorBox doesn't work when I use Google translate by giving simple just Url :/

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/15 3:37:38
  • Will

an interesting approach here

Re: My new personal website & other things

Thanks, MrTheme for warm words. I don't know how soon I finish aboutowner module (there is many things that exists in module admin area but not in front end; also some comments are missing), but I'm sure it will come not sooner until 1.2 final or 1.3 alpha will be released.

Couple of days I was thinking about McDonald suggested Google translation using way. And it isn't for my requirements. Now it can't translate text on generated images and it's not SEO compatible (you can use different easy remembered links for different versions of pages in different languages). I think only way to bring what i want to iCMS site is to write special preload that change sometimes getVar returned value by translating it with Google Translate. I think I'll take a look someday in future.

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/10 6:08:35
  • david

Interesting work Mekdrop! Will look more at this later! :)

Re: My new personal website & other things


but in future when I find out how to use Google Translate

You can use a Google Gadget for this, see example here.

Re: My new personal website & other things

  • 2009/10/9 14:44:59
  • Will

Hot site.
About Page

I love that about page - exceptional work! Looking forward to seeing any of this available for the community.

My new personal website & other things

Yesterday I opened my personal website - MekDrop.Name.

Because I used free theme (a bit modified by me) and because site is now only in Lithuanian language (but in future when I find out how to use Google Translate like http://www.cucumis.org/translation_1_t/view-the-translation_v_122751.html more languages come out), I think most interesting parts are working improvements or new features that'll add in future into iCMS.

iCMS has no modules for creating text/comics stories serials. I began working on mystory module. Yes, it's not very impressive yet but I hope this will change in future. You can see how it looks here -> http://mekdrop.name/mystory.

I found that imProfile module for only one registered user is not very useful. There is many features that only one registered user wouldn't care (f.e. tribes). So, I'm uninstalled it. But then I found that i miss some things. Whereas the main purpose of my site is to show list who I am and what I have done and what I'm doing, I wanted to display my works list in my user page. I tried using porfolio module, but found that it doesn't fit to my needs. So, I mixed some improfile and porfolio ideas and result is new aboutowner module. You can take a look it here -> http://mekdrop.name/about.

I wanted for my site anonymous comments feature. But iCMS has a very weak support for them. I found that most easier way to add support for them and keep backward compatibility by using my previously shown on dev list p2pControls framework idea. So, I began this framework. Now it lacks much features shown on my slides but it's already usefull as concept demo. Then I developed some demo controls on this framework. I think most useful right now is "comments". With this it's possible to add easy comments on every module. Even if it hasn't any support for comments! Also it's possible to have multiple comments lists on single page. What you need is just add such similar line to necessary template:

<{control name="comments" item=$item_id module="module_folder_name"}>

All files to play with this work will be shortly on SVN in core/sandbox.

I made some improvements to imLinks module. I added images caching, ajax, autotasks support for faster feeds displaying, rss (generated from all imfeeding feeds entries). Also different GUI (I think it's better but can be more improvement). You can take a look it here -> http://mekdrop.name/feeds.

Re: Would like to read comments...

With me on my FireFox 3 the site keeps loading and loading.
When I clicked the "Stop" button the other day, the site showed up.

I tried it couple of seconds ago and all I saw was a grey page.
I'm reloading now.

After a while the site showed up.
I thought the slowness was because of FireBug, but I had it turned off.

Off course I'm the only one having the problem, so it could be on my end.

Oh... the site is loaded and I like it :thumbup:

It was probably firebug

Re: Would like to read comments...

I agree with david.
Good choice of colours.

Re: Would like to read comments...

  • 2009/9/18 10:16:56
  • david

I like this a lot - it's very clean and easy on the eye :thumbup: