Re: some miss?

No problem. I think I'll have to update the documentation on how to create a ticket on github, that will be a good opportunity.


Re: some miss?

Sorry, I don't understand  how to use github



Re: some miss?


I made 2 pull requests for these changes : 

Thank you for the info! Do not hesitate to make a github account and propose changes like this yourself diretly via Pull Request.

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those are locations that cannot be visited directly. Can you explain what page you visited and what action you made when you received the error?

Thank you for the feedback!

Kind regards,


some miss?


in switch 


                       if ($v['required'] && $cleanv != '0' && $cleanv == '') {
                            $this->setErrors(sprintf(_XOBJ_ERR_REQUIRED, $k));
and I had PHP error and I change continue to break.


line 244

if($html=0) --> if($html==0) ???


line 345

            return "if (myform.{$eltname}.value == \"\") { window.alert(\"{$eltmsg}\"); myform.{$eltname}.focus(); return false; }";

           return "if (myform.{$eltname}.value == \"\") { window.alert(\"{$eltmsg}\"); myform.{$eltname}.focus(); return false; }";



line 52

$criteria = new icms_db_criteria_Compo(new icms_db_criteria_Item('uname', $uname4sql));


$criteria = new icms_db_criteria_Compo(new icms_db_criteria_Item('login_name', $uname4sql));



Re: Any 1.3.11 beta2 feedback?

Thanks for the update! The module version that needs to be updates is a small improvement It shows if a module is kept up-to-date or not  

Re: Any 1.3.11 beta2 feedback?

<p>I've been testing it locally, mostly in relation to a new release of SimplyWiki. So, the results are a bit fuzzy - is it a core issue, or is it a module issue? Or, is it an environment issue (I have a couple of different situations for this)</p> <p>One of the main things I see is the difference in handling of the module versions. It doesn't hamper the performance at all, but those modules that don't have their versions formatted as a string instead of an integer don't look quite right in the module administration page.</p> <p>I'll poke around some the modules and see how they work with the latest beta candidate.</p>

Any 1.3.11 beta2 feedback?

Hi, I wonder if any of you have comments on the release of 1.3.11 beta2 ( I have done some tests, but I reckon it will be more representative if I ask for your test results as well before I release the final version.

Re: Install of ImpressCMS 2 alpha went very smooth

  • 2015/10/21 15:10:59

id love to go with icms2 regarding the and have ppl connect, even with updates. following something thats in the process, therby being part of its development. something between hodajuku and whats next, installable on your own machine. i will migrate it to another version as well though by hand too, if its possible. i did it allready with some site migrating from 1.2 to 1.3(having different modules for same old content). so pls go on smooth without any pressure, im the one who has to thank you! theres a couple of projects im into and the majority of it uses impresscms, more than half of it are opensource, the rest also for the benefit of all.

Re: Install of ImpressCMS 2 alpha went very smooth

Personally I think the 2.0 version is close to going to beta, which means only bugfixes and no more new functionality. As you noticed, it's quite functional already.

The reason we're currently not managing upgrades from alpha/beta to final versions is because that would be too much work, frankly. Normally it's just files that are changed, so you might be able to do it manually. Unless some DB changes are necessary, then it becomes more tricky.

In any case, if you need to upgrade from a development version to a final version, someone around here could definitely lend a hand.

Re: Install of ImpressCMS 2 alpha went very smooth

  • 2015/10/21 10:58:33

i see, well i would go with the 1.3.8 as well but really like the 2.
will there be a way from beta to final maybe?
or, do you think i could try upgrading it manually somehow?
i would do that if possible.

thx for the info!

Re: Install of ImpressCMS 2 alpha went very smooth

Glad you like it

There have been so many changes since alpha5, and it has been so long, that we really need to get a new alpha out of the door.

Keep in mind that alphas have no automatic upgrade path to newer releases, so your site might be stuck in alpha once we go to beta and final release. We might reconsider on a case by case basis though.

Install of ImpressCMS 2 alpha went very smooth

  • 2015/10/20 7:27:16

hi there everyone!

i just wanted to tell you that the install of icms 2 alpha went very well and i am very impressed. the backend has awesome improvements and its fun to use it. what i saw regarding the version number: in the xoops_version file it says alpha6, in other places its alpha5, anyways it runs really smooth so far. the is sported with it and since it looking really good i will overjump the 1.3.8 regarding other projects as well

Re: People needed for testing upcoming patches and releases

For the record, I just did a test on Windows 7, PHP 5.4, and after a quick fix by Steve the PDO branch installs and works perfectly!

Any other version/platform combinations would be welcome.

People needed for testing upcoming patches and releases

We're coming up on a new release and we definitely need more test results for quality control and functionality validation. As always, we want our next release to be our best release - so, the more environments and situations we test, the better.

Let us know if you'd like to help out and be added to our testing mailing list. You'll be among the first to know about upcoming features, functions and changes!


ImpressCMS 1.3.5 = Truly Impressive!


This looks like the right forum for this...

So last night I was working on my slow migration of my Joomla site to ImpressCMS 1.3.5 when I discovered yet another hidden jewel. Member can create groups, right in their profile! Talk about freakin' amazing! I know several of my members who are gonna love that feature!

Guys, seriously, ImpressCMS 1.3.5 is like this hidden diamond. It's a bit rough and unpolished, sure. But it is amazing what power is hidden in this CMS. Couple that with it's amazing speed, wonderful flexibility, and awesome developers here on the forum and you truly have a sleeping giant ready to do amazing things! I mean you got such awesomeness like custom tags that can be used to do so much!

All you need is a few more developers polishing the rough edges and developing the few missing bits, a more active forum community, and this thing could really soar!

Impressive job guys! ImpressCMS is living up to its name sake and I plan to tell everyone I know about it!

Re: Please test ImpressCMS 1.3.5 RC2 packages


QM-B wrote:
Isn't this just a template change? currently it checks at the beginning for search results:

<{if $basic_search == false && $search_results }>

so we could simply add an else or elseif.. or removing the $search_results, if the searched module should be displayed without results

I did find the fix for the various settings of 'show modules with no matches' and displaying - changed the nested if statements to a single 1 to get the proper hierarchy.

@qm-b: that could be a possibility for the time when there no modules return any results. $basic_search tells the page there was not a query - just go to advanced search form. $search_results is an array of results from all the modules queried, so it will only be false/empty when there are no results, at all.

At the end of the template, between the last


add another test for $search_results being empty, then display a language constant, like this, and style appropriately (completely untested, at the moment) -

<{if count($search_results) = 0 }>

Re: Please test ImpressCMS 1.3.5 RC2 packages

The unwanted insertion of line breaks into legacy content is still an issue, have posted a ticket (see this post for explanation).

Re: Please test ImpressCMS 1.3.5 RC2 packages

  • 2013/9/4 3:12:40
  • QM-B

Isn't this just a template change? currently it checks at the beginning for search results:

<{if $basic_search == false && $search_results }>

so we could simply add an else or elseif.. or removing the $search_results, if the searched module should be displayed without results