Roadmap on github

As a temporary link, the roadmap for the next few releases can be found here : Milestones - ImpressCMS/impresscms (

This is a temporary measure, as I try to get a better integration with Github into the site, and we will need to apply the versions more rigorously to the tickets that we have. But it's a start (and every begin is difficult).


Re: New installation page for ImpressCMS v2

A new version of the page is live, with the fast installation rewritten. We now do everything using composer.


Re: ImpressCMS 1.4.2 is released!

And the Softaculous build has been updated to 1.4.2 as well here. No easier way to give ImpressCMS 1.4.2 a spin if your hosting provider offers Softaculous support!

Re: ImpressCMS 1.4.2 Release Candidate is released

The RC has become a final release - see the news and download!

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ImpressCMS 1.4.2 Release Candidate is released


I just released ImpressCMS 1.4.2 RC. Lots of small bugfixes, most of them security-related. Please have a look and see if it works on your system in your situation. Any bugs? post them on Github, or you can add them here in this forum post as well

Release 1.4.2 Release Candidate · ImpressCMS/impresscms (

New installation page for ImpressCMS v2


I started an installation page for ImpressCMS v2 to help you out if you want to test the current v2.0 alpha builds. I received feedback that the installation is not that clear, so here is a page that should help out. Feel free to add/adapt where needed : Installing ImpressCMS 2 - Wiki : ImpressCMS

ImpressCMS, SSL and Cloudflare Free

<p>I setup my ImpressCMS site using a <a href="">Let's Encrypt SSL certificate</a>. Everything works fine, nothing specific to configure other than putting 'https' in your root url. The site was running a bit sluggish, due to the server being on the other end of the world, so I decided to activate the free Cloudflare option my hosting company offered.</p>

<p>After that, once Cloudflare was up and running, my site was unreachable due to 'the site redirecting in an incorrect way'. Because the site has been working without issue before, I figured it was the cloudflare setup that needed adapting.</p>

<p>I found <a href="">this article on the cloudflare support site</a> that explains what was happening : my site was SSL-only, but the cloudflare default setting is for 'Flexible SSL'. The Flexible SSL option acts as a SSL proxy between your users and your site, and can be a good option if you don't have the opportunity to run your site with an SSL certificate, but you want to expose an SSL address to the world. Cloudflare then exposes a HTTPS address to the outside world, but communicates with your servers without it.</p>

<p>Changing the option from 'Flexible SSL' to 'Full SSL' immediately fixed the issue for me. Site response times have improved considerably since then.</p>

Re: login to custom php app using icms login credential ?

<p>As a follow-up on this, you could implement this using a OAuth2 server, where the OAuth2 server lets the user login in your ImpressCMS site, and then notify your other webapp that the user is verified. That means custom development on both sides, and i don't think that this has been attempted before for an ImpressCMS site.&nbsp;</p>

<p>This would be the most flexible solution, in the likes of logging in with Twitter, Google, Microsoft or Facebook into a site.</p>

Re: login to custom php app using icms login credential ?

<p>I totally agree with @skenow. This way you don't need to duplicate the login procedure in ImpressCMS, and you can still use the existing userbase.</p>


Re: login to custom php app using icms login credential ?

<p>So - you want to have your login be the login from your ImpressCMS site, with all their users and passwords, and the rest of the content be restricted, but not an icms site?</p>

<p>Then, each of your pages must check for a valid user, like your ICMS site does (icms::$user is set and meets your criteria).</p>

<p>To access this information, the easiest way I see is to require mainfile.php in all your pages, which will give you a connection to the db that holds the users and the salt key stored in the trust path to complete the authorization.</p>

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login to custom php app using icms login credential ?


<p>i would like to build a custom php application without using icms but i would like to use icms user/password from&nbsp;<br />
user table to login to my system&nbsp;</p>

<p>is there any code script out there that i can use</p>

Re: What are the parts of ImpressCMS that you can't live without?

<p><br />
In Impresscms everything is good, and needed I think.</p>

<p>But (and no critisism) there is this intrigueing Q about modules and page (blanks OR module-page) implementation.</p>

<p>page(empty or module)&nbsp; -&nbsp; block positions&nbsp; -&nbsp; theme-data - template manager - module(install area)<br />
&nbsp; //&nbsp;&nbsp; many possible alternatives both for physical and visual connection.</p>

<p>... and where those should best be placed in admin area? For me as user (as publisher) this is much a topic wich make the site a mystery or comprehenceble.</p>

<p><br />
This could perhaps be in a new thread.</p>


Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

<p>I only had access to the old DHTML editor, now I have the WYSIWYG one and the problem has gone away, thanks.</p>

<p>Is this Tiny MCE?</p>

Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

<p>Possibly - which editor did you see up until now (I just changed it for registered users)?</p>

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Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

Testing Line Break Unchecked Not working for me. Maybe permissions are involved somehow?

Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

<p>I uncheck the Enable line break whenever I post using the WYSIWYG editors and the line breaks work appropriately then.</p> <p>Initial post of this reply has the option checked (enabled)</p> <p>The post displayed properly for me and this section was added with the box unchecked.</p>

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Re: time based custom blocks

<p>No, at the moment there are no time-based blocks in the core. If you want to, you could do it with an auto task.</p>

time based custom blocks

is this possible

i want to show the block for certain period only

Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

There is a theme manager block that comes with the system module. If you look at how it works you could probably set the theme for any given page, I imagine it is just one line or variable.

Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

You think it is possible to code a "Theme manager" that is more adoptable to 2 or more page-themes? - - and some control-pointer in module-install module (or similar)? < - - .# - -> Is there any Bootstr. 3.3.7 (was it?) yet? <- - # - - > Being the most [easy cms/features] makes reputation // walked.