Profile module 2.3 rc for PHP7.3

I just finished making the necessary changes in the profile module to make it run under PHP 7.3.

The profile module offers an extended user management profile, with the ability to add custom forms to the user profile, have a registration workflow in multiple steps, and allow social interactions between users in groups called 'tribes'.

I would like to merge this version into the ImpressCMS core 1.4.1 distribution in a few days, so please test and let me know if you encounter any issues.



iForum v2.1 beta released

It took me longer than expected to start working on it, but I finally did so. And the cleanup was easier than I would have thought : after just a few hours I can say that I have a beta release for iForum available that runs ImpressCMS 1.4 under PHP 7.2. If you are interested to test, the github release is here : 

I haven't touched the workings as of yet (I plan on doing that in iForum v3), simply ushered in a new era of PHP. Let me know if you find bugs on the Github issue tracker


Re: default comments, notifications and permission setting ?

At this point, the default is to allow all comments if the module has comments (in icms_version.php). Probably since the base assumption is that ImpressCMS and predecessor were community sites and that would be the most common choice.

Also, all notifications defined in icms_version.php will be enabled by default.

Neither of these are reading anything from the module at the time of install.

However - you could override those options after the module is installed with the install function for the module, which is called at the very end of the process.

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default comments, notifications and permission setting ?

How do i disable comments and notifications as default setting of a module preferences

and also set default permission of module when installing the module


is this possible? any example i can refer to ?  

Re: icmsOnDemandPreload - what is it and how does it work?

<p>I tested this in ImpressCMS 1.4.0 (the module-specific code by marcan) and it works, but the filename doesn't need to have the '.php' extension at the end.</p>

Re: MVC architecture, routers and other stuff

<p>What I'm liking about the router + MVC-type approach is that far less code has to run to deliver a page. eg. my current modules have Ye Olde Traditional handler classes for each object, and these are huge because they hold the code to handle all actions for their client objects.</p>

<p>With the strict MVC approach these monolithic handlers are getting chopped up into smaller model classes, each of which only deals with a specific page view (one or two different actions, as opposed to everything), and the router selects which one to load. So there's a lot less stuff to read for any given page load.</p>

Re: MVC architecture, routers and other stuff

<p>Yes, specific routes that take their input from the symlinks that are already present, with the fallback to 'standard' module routes. That would be great to have.</p>

Re: MVC architecture, routers and other stuff

<p>I have made some progress with 2.0 and routing -> . However right now I haven't figure out how to register routes for modules. But I hope somehow I will solve this and than this functionality will come to icms.</p>

Re: MVC architecture, routers and other stuff

<p>I have already come across Tom Butler's articles (hard to forget him, with his exuberant hairstyle profile photo <img src="" alt="" /> ) and he has some very interesting points, yes. I admit I'm also no rockstar developer in PHP to be able to follow the entire reasoning in 1 go. Some kind of url routing would be interesting to have in ImpressCMS2 (2.0 or a later iteration), for a start.</p>

MVC architecture, routers and other stuff

<p>I've been looking into the MVC pattern, and came across a programming blog that has some very interesting articles about MVC and a couple of its descendants - MVVM and MVVMC. Also has some cool stuff about how to build a front end controller to handle routing.</p>


<p>It took me a few reads to get my head around it. I thought I had been doing MVC, but it turns out not in a very strict sense. Anyway, I'm trying to build something using a front controller and the MVVMC pattern, which is basically MVC except the view gets split into two components (a view plus a 'viewmodel') to decouple the view from the model and allow each component to be substituted or re-used. Together with the front end controller/router it gives you a lot of flexibility.</p>

<p>Worth a read if you have time (see the section 'MVC Related Articles').</p>

Re: To support IE11 or not?

<p>Good question. In a way, it depends largely on your user base. That's one of the great things about all those analytics packages, they can give you a good idea about how many percent of your users are on what type and version of browsers. Not only that, they can also give you information about the type of usage they make of your site.</p>

<p>Imagine that you have a community site, and you really want to upgrade the CSS and the javascript you use, and you would need to perform some very nifty Web-fu to get a more-or-less working version on older IE versions.</p>

<p>When 4% of your use base is using IE11 and below, normally you would go ahead and upgrade your site, making sure that those users get a nice little message telling them that their browser will no longer work with the site the way it is supposed to, inviting them to use another browser.</p>

<p>Now if those 4% are your most active and productive users, you might want to reconsider...</p>


Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>The linebreaks issue might be a problem with the old default DHTML editor, we have had a problem with it in another thread. Using a HTML editir might fix that if you don't mind receiving HTML email. I think can change it easily as have looked at it before. I'm travelling but will look in a couple if days when I get back (and hopefully have a new laptop!).</p>

<p>HTMLPurifier problem seems strange. Pretty sure it uses UTF-8 by default, so there must still be mis-encoding being fed into it. Will have another look.</p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>Hello Madfish,<br />
Thank you for your efforts. I think I found the problem. It is the HTMLPurifier. If I turn off the HTMLPurifier all umlauts are displayed correctly. But in some places the br tags are inserted again, which leads to ugly effects.<br />
Greetings optimistdd</p>

<p><span style="font-size:8px">translated with Google </span></p>

To support IE11 or not?

<p>Remember how long we waited for IE6 to die and how much time/pain we went through trying to support it? All the cool new stuff we couldn't use for <em>years</em> because it would break IE6?</p>

<p>Well now we have Edge, but when I checked the support date for IE11 it's <strong>2025</strong>. The problem is that the 'support' for 11 consists only of security fixes, not 'keeping it modern' fixes. So already it is falling out of date with Javascript (main issue at this point), CSS and HTML5 features.&nbsp;</p>

<p>So I'm wondering, is it justified to throw IE users under a bus, or are people going to support it until it the bitter end?</p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>I have not been able to find any problem with encoding in the description field. However, I have added:</p>

<li>An accept-charset=utf-8 attribute to the form (will only work on html5 though).</li>
<li>Specified utf-8 as the output encoding in mail().</li>

<p>I hope that fixes it, <a href="">please test this version of the module</a>.&nbsp;</p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>Hello Madfish,<br />
Thank you very much for your efforts. The module works great and helps me on. Where now the problem lies with the coding of the description_tarea lies one must observe.<br />
greeting optimistdd<br />
<span style="font-size:8px">translated with Google </span></p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>Ok please <a href="">download and test this version</a>:</p>

<li>Fixes encoding problem with umlauts in title (I cannot find any encoding problem with the message body).</li>
<li>Adds a privacy policy checkbox that blocks submission until checked.</li>
<li>You will need to translate the Javascript alert messages into German (see top of /templates/contact_message.html).</li>

<p>I ended up having to build a manual template. It works but it is basically a hack and I do not feel happy with it. Anyway, if you want to change the look of the form work directly on the contact_message template.</p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

Hi fiammybe

the regulation comes so far EU and replaces all national data protection laws and regulations also the data protection explanations become longer the more one has external things. It can be said that the privacy statement on some websites will be the page with the most text.

A small overview of everything that can be included depending on the website in a privacy policy:

General Privacy Policy, Cookies, Server Log Files, Contact Form, Newsletters, Google Analytics, Google Analytics Order Data Processing, Google Analytics IP Anonymization, Demographics on Google Analytics, Etracker, Piwik, Wordpress Stats, eRecht24 Safe Sharing Tool, Facebook, Facebook Pixel, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Web Fonts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Maps, Xing, Tumblr, YouTube, Google AdSense, Google Analytics Remarketing, Google AdWords, Google Conversion Tracking, Amazon Affiliate Program, User Registration, Comments , Comment function with details of the e-mail address, comment function with storage of the IP address, comment function with subscribing to comments, SSL encryption of the website, privacy policy for the processing of customer and contract data, data transmission - online shops & merchants (with goods dispatch ), Data transmission - service providers who conclude contracts online (excl sand), encrypted payment transactions, information on cancellation, deletion, blocking, opposition to advertising e-mails.

greeting optimistdd

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

<p>Hi optimistdd,</p>

<p>interesting what German law is requiring for GDPR compliance. I have changed team at my company now, so I am no longer building websites for our government customers, but at the end of last year we did a GDPR assessment for them and our legal department estimated that a simple adaptation tot he privacy policy would be sufficient, if you take into account that you have the necessary procedures in your organisation to handle data breach risks.<br />
I heard yesterday that this was a bit too optimistic <img src="" alt="" /> , but given that the specific legal texts are still being written in Belgium, I'm not surprised by these kinds of changes.</p>

<p>I hope you and @Madfish are able to solve the encoding issue, those are always very hard to handle. PHP6 didn't happen in large part because they got lost in encoding issues.</p>

Re: Modules Contact 1.04

Thanks for your effort. Yes, the subject line works. The Message Text but not yet